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Financial Assistance

International Student Support (ISS) realizes how important financial assistance is for any international student who may be faced with unexpected financial difficulty. Below is a list of the financial assistance and award opportunities available to international students.

The Student Awards and Scholarships office aims to help Toronto Metropolitan University students and staff with the Scholarship and Awards application process. Check out their website for scholarships and awards available to undergraduate students (external link) .

Through the Yeates School of Graduate Studies there are a number of scholarships and awards available to graduate students (external link)  on a competitive basis.

Sources of Financial Support for International Students

Application for the Emergency Bursary opens on January 8th, 2024 and closes on Friday, April 5th, 2024. Please complete the Emergency Bursary application on AwardSpring  (external link)   For additional information, please contact International Student Support by email at

The Emergency Bursary for International Students is a one-time-only, non-repayable award based on financial need due to an emergency situation. It is intended to assist international students who are experiencing an unanticipated financial need and who, in spite of their best efforts, cannot meet personal and/or educational expenses while completing their studies.

  • The emergency bursary will not fund a student's entire unmet financial need.
  • A maximum of $3000 for applications related to personal expenses e.g. rent, food, stolen equipment.
  • A maximum of $5000 for applications related to tuition support due to unexpected financial need.
  • If awarded this bursary, students should note that they cannot receive this bursary a second time.


To be eligible for the emergency bursary a student must:

  • Provide appropriate documentation to substantiate the emergency situation that has occurred. (E.g. police reports, email communication, banking documents, etc.)
  • Demonstrate that they have depleted all other financial resources (including any other funding, employment income or personal financial resources).
  • Have applied for all external awards for which they are eligible.
  • Be officially registered in a full-time program of study at Toronto Metropolitan University.
  • Have clear academic standing with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 1.67 or higher.*
  • Have a valid study permit - must be presented in a 1-on-1 appointment with an International Student Advisor.

How to Apply

Students must apply for a Toronto Metropolitan University Bursary through AwardSpring (external link) .

Students must complete the following 2 steps in order to apply for an Emergency Bursary:

  1. Schedule a 1-on-1 appointment with an International Student Advisor (ISA) who will meet to provide a general overview about the emergency bursary and to determine if initial emergency bursary eligibility requirements are met.
  2. Complete the Emergency Bursary application on AwardSpring. Students will need to create an AwardSpring profile in order to complete the Emergency Bursary application, which includes filling out a detailed budget form.

Application Decisions

All bursary applications will be assessed by the International Student Support team. Applicants will be informed by an International Student Advisor of the decision regarding their emergency bursary application. Further information that will support a student’s application should be submitted along with the application form.

Receiving the Bursary

  • All bursary applications will be reviewed and receive a decision within 3 weeks of submission.
  • An international student advisor will email the applicant within 48 hours of the bursary decision to inform them of the outcome of their bursary request.
  • It is important to note that funding will not be approved on a contingent basis (i.e. situations where financial need is dependent on/resting on certain circumstances), funding will only be granted in emergency situations that have occurred.
  • Upon receiving an approval, students will be issued a cheque or a deposit to their student account on MyServiceHub. Cheques must be collected from International Student Support.

Use of Funds

As proof of receiving the funds, students will be asked to sign a copy of the cheque as well as an Emergency Bursary Fund Agreement that outlines the following:

  1. Intended use of the awarded funds.
  2. Proof of spending will be presented to ISS within 30 days of receiving the funds.
    • Proof of funds can take the form of itemized receipts and/or invoices.
    • If funding is awarded for tuition purposes, no proof of spending is required as the funds will be deposited directly to the student’s account on MyServiceHub.  

Students cannot spend the awarded funds on the following: Alcohol, drugs or cannabis products, apparel (i.e. clothing or accessories), to payoff loans (e.g. bank loans, educational loans, mortgages, credit card debt, etc.), immigration applications, as a gift and/or loan to others, hotels, conference fees or field trips, lawyer fees, gambling, and uninsured (non-emergency) medical expenses (due to student’s procedural error).

Tax Considerations

Bursaries are considered part of a student's annual taxable income. The University will issue a T4A slip to all bursary recipients to report on their Income Tax return.

Applications for the Salad King Awards open on February 12, 2024 and close on February 26, 2024. Please complete the Salad King Awards application on Awardspring (external link)  . For additional information, please contact International Student Support by email at

The Salad King International Student Awards are sponsored by Mr. Ernest and Mrs. Linda Liu, owners of the popular Salad King Restaurant.  Mr. Liu recalls the challenges that he faced as an international student in a new country. The Liu family recognizes that some Toronto Metropolitan University international students overcome similar difficulties and financial burdens in their transition to Toronto Metropolitan University and life in Canada, and achieve tremendous success.  

The Salad King International Student Awards focus on recognizing international student leadership during their time at Toronto Metropolitan University.  

By establishing the annual Salad King International Student Awards, Ernest and Linda Liu demonstrate that Toronto Metropolitan University's neighbours can make a difference in the lives of international students.

Salad King International Student Award recipients will be chosen by a selection committee and notified in March. While students may only apply for one award, the selection committee reserves the right to consider each applicant under all categories.


To be eligible for this award, students must:

  • Be registered as a Toronto Metropolitan University Undergraduate, or Graduate student holding a valid study permit.
    • Canadian students or students who are permanent residents may apply for the “Excellence in Mentoring Award” for mentoring an international student and/or WUSC Scholar.
  • Be in the upper year of their academic program (2nd year or higher, or graduate students).
  • Have a minimum CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of 2.0.

A completed application package must include:

  • An Online Application Form
  • A Letter of Support from personal or professional references (supervisor, professors, etc.) that outlines why the student should receive the award based on the application criteria

Application Categories

Three (3) awards are offered valued at $2000 each, under the following application categories:

  1. International Student Award for Student Leadership
    This award is given to an international student who has demonstrated strong leadership to improve and enhance the quality of the student experience in a meaningful way at the university or in their community in Canada or overseas. The recipient of this award has made an impact as a positive role model and as a great mentor for students. The recipient of this award made a special contribution to an academic or support department of Toronto Metropolitan University.
  2. Excellence in Mentoring Award
    This award is given to a student who exhibits exemplary mentorship abilities and contributes positively to the personal development of students. They have played an important role in providing positive mentorship to their fellow international students or WUSC Scholars at Toronto Metropolitan University. The recipient of this award meaningfully assisted new students through their transition to the University and to Canada.
  3. Personal Development Award
    This award is given to an international student who has overcome a significant challenge in their own personal life. The recipient has demonstrated significant strength to overcome barriers and has thrived through their engagement on or off campus. Their personal growth ise exemplary and an inspiration for the university community.

Scotiabank Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2001 with support from the Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank) to enhance and contribute to the cultural and ethnic diversity of Toronto Metropolitan University and the greater Toronto communities. Through the facilitation of the Scotiabank International Student Scholarship in International Student Support (ISS), Toronto Metropolitan University wants to demonstrate support for international students and encourage success in their academic life.


Based on the agreement with Scotiabank, this scholarship is awarded to upper-year full-time undergraduate international students with a strong academic achievement. Unfortunately, first-year international students are not considered eligible for this scholarship.

How it Works

  • Students do not need to apply for this scholarship.
  • Upper-year international students are automatically nominated at the beginning of the Winter semester based on their cumulative academic performance (CGPA) after the previous Fall exam results.
  • International Student Support (ISS) will contact the winners to inform them of their success in winning the scholarship and proceed with issuing the funds to each student's account on MyServiceHub.

The Brampton Immigration Consultancy (BIC) Awards has closed and will open in Fall 2024.  For additional information, please contact International Student Support by email at

Application Deadline: 11/20/2023

Application: (external link) 

Award Value: $20,000


Brampton Immigration Consultancy (BIC) is a prominent licensed immigration agency offering specialized student recruitment and admission assistance services to esteemed educational institutions throughout Canada. BIC’s core mission revolves around opening the doors of international education to students from all walks of life, fostering inclusivity, equality, and diversity by effectively bridging the gap between aspiring students and prestigious Canadian colleges and universities. Brampton Immigration Consultancy actively contributes to creating a global village where educational opportunities are accessible to everyone. With a passionate and experienced team spearheaded by Marketing Director Sandeep Singh, BIC remains dedicated to transforming the dream of studying abroad into a tangible reality for students from diverse backgrounds.

An award created by the Brampton Immigration Consultancy in 2023 to provide financial support for international students attending Toronto Metropolitan University who have clear academic standing. This award will be open to international students enrolled in any faculty at the university.  Two awards available at $10,000 each. 


Applicants must meet all of the qualifications in at least one of the following groups

  • Applicant must be an undergraduate student.
  • Applicant must be enrolled full-time.
  • Applicant must have a minimum CGPA of 1.67.
  • Applicant must be an international student.
  • Applicant must demonstrate financial need as determined by Toronto Metropolitan University.


  • Applicant must be an undergraduate student.
  • Applicant must be enrolled full-time in a reduced course load.
  • Applicant must have an approved accommodation for a reduced course load.
  • Applicant must have a minimum CGPA of 1.67.
  • Applicant must demonstrate financial need as determined by Toronto Metropolitan University.
  • Applicant must be an international student.

Additional Requirement

Applicants must provide a written statement (500-1000 words) on how the award will assist them in addressing financial challenges as an international student and help them achieve their academic and professional aspirations.