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Dr. W P Neumann

Dr. W P Neumann [Principal Investigator]

Dr. Neumann works as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Ryerson University. His research focuses on the design of work systems that are effective and sustainable from both human and technical perspectives. 

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Dr. Ahmad Sobhani

Dr. Ahmad Sobhani [Postdoctoral Fellow]

Ahmad is currently a Post-Doctoral research associate in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. He is working on modeling human factor effects in health care systems engineering. Ahmad’s PhD. research was focused primarily on the operations research modeling human factors in manufacturing systems. His research interests include: Performance optimization, Operations research, Ergonomics, Human factors, Process modeling, Stochastic modeling, Dynamic programming, Cost-benefit analysis, Business process reengineering (BPR), and sustainable supply chain management.

Michael Greig

Michael Greig [PhD Candidate]

Michael is a final year PhD candidate in Industrial Engineering. His industry partnered research focuses on the process of integrating human factors into production systems and the development of relevant feedback and tracking metrics.

Sadeem M. Qureshi

Sadeem M. Qureshi [PhD Candidate]

Sadeem M. Qureshi, currently pursuing his Doctorate in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from Ryerson University; His background includes a Masters in Quality Systems Engineering from Concordia University, Montreal QC and Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan. Also, Sadeem has an extensive professional work experience in Canada as a Quality Engineer. He also served as a Student Supervisor at Quebec's Lester B. Pearson School Board. His research interests include Human Factors Engineering, Ergonomics, Quality improvement and their effects in the Healthcare.

Azin Setayesh

Azin Setayesh [PhD Candidate]

Azin Setayesh, currently pursuing her Doctorate in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from Ryerson University; Azin has a Masters of Manufacturing Industrial Engineering from NS, and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from ON. Also, she has extensive professional work experiences in remarkable canadian companies as Manufacturing Industrial Engineer and Manufacturing Process Engineer.

Mashal Farid

Mashal Farid [MASc Student]

Mashal is a MASc student in Industrial Engineeeing. Her research involves exploring the use of System Dynamics to understand the relationships between Human Factors and quality, cost and operator health and safety.

Joash Sujan

Joash Sujan [MASc Student]

Joash is a M.Asc student in Industrial Engineering. His research focusses on developing tools to involve older adults in the early stages of design and testing of products and will carry through to gain the benefit of their wisdom in marketing and advertising.

Asad Mohani

Asad Mohani [Undergraduate Student]

Asad is a fourth year Industrial Engineering undergraduate student and helps with various research and admin projects in the lab. His interests lie in information systems, psycho-social factors, cognitive ergonomics and human machine interaction.

Tahera Yesmin

Tahera Yesmin [PhD Candidate]

Tahera is a PhD student in Industrial Engineering. Her research focuses on the process improvements of Heath Care with an integration of the outcomes of quality of care, work environment and cost efficiency by utilizing methodological approaches from Industrial Engineering (IE).

Amirkiarash Kiani

Amirkiarash Kiani [MASc Student]

Amirkiarash Kiani is a MASc student in Industrial Engineering. His research interests include enhancement of work/rest ratio in assembly lines, and computerise simulation of human-based systems via agent-based modelling to analyse the effects of engineering design on employees’ occupational health and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.

Dr. Ahmet Kolus

Dr. Ahmet Kolus [Postdoctoral Fellow]

Ahmet Kolus, Ph.D. is a postdoctoral fellow in Industrial Engineering. His research investigates the relationship between human factors consideration in operations system design and quality performance in running operations.

Dr. Linda Rose

Dr. Linda Rose  [Visiting Researcher]

Linda works as a senior lecturer in Ergonomics at KTH (The Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm. She holds an MSc in aeronautical engineering and a PhD in injury prevention. As an engineer, she has been working to develop tools and methods to improve ergonomics and reduce injuries, often in the construction industry, as well as performing ergonomic analyses of industrial projects.

Dr. Judy Village

Dr. Judy Village [Postdoctoral Fellow]

Judy Village completed her PhD in Industrial Engineering in Jan 2014. Her thesis presented a grounded theory based on a 3-year longitudinal case study explaining how human factors came to be integrated into the production design process of‎ a large electronics manufacturer. One of her publications illustrating the action research approach used in the case study was awarded the 2015 Liberty Mutual award for the paper in the journal "Ergonomics" that most advanced the field of ergonomics in 2014.

Dr. Hasan Hüseyin Ciritcioğlu

Dr. Hasan Hüseyin Ciritcioğlu   [Visiting Researcher]

Hasan works as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Wood Product Industrial Engineering at Duzce University in Turkey. He holds a PhD in Ergonomics Manufacturing Cell Design and Modeling. Hasan is currently investigating how Ergonomics affects quality, productivity and cost in manufacturing settings using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). Hasan’s research areas include evaluating ergonomics related applications using SEM, multi objective decision making, product design and development, and anthropometric measurement data collection and analysis.

Angela Krumian

Angela Krumian [Undergraduate Student]

Angela completed her undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering and has been working at the HFE lab as a research assistant. Her work involved promoting the HFE lab online and conducting interviews to collect data for the Ergonomics and Operations Excellence in Health Care project.