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Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter
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"The first year of university is perhaps one of the most important and pivotal years of your educational journey."

Dr. Lamya Amleh
Program Director/Academic Advisor

The FYEO website contains all the same information from the First-Year Engineering Handbook. However, you can view a booklet version of the Handbook below.

Message from the Program Director

Dear First-Year Engineering Students,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) and to the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS). 

The first year of university is exciting and challenging, and there may be a period of adjustment, both academically and socially. To help you adjust, the FEAS has developed the First-Year Engineering Office (FYEO), and a series of activities that address new students’ needs. Our FYEO can help you manage the transition from high school and support your academic success, providing one-stop shop for academic counselling, personal counselling, learning skills needs, tutors to help you with courses, and other resources within the faculty and university at large.  I invite you to visit our office and meet the FYEO staff. Never hesitate to ask for our help whenever you have questions, concerns, or comments of any sort. The central mission of the FYEO is to help make your transition from high school to university a smooth, pleasant, and successful one.

We also provide you with the First-Year Engineering Student Handbook which includes information on subjects of immediate concern to you as a new student in FEAS. Also, it serves as a quick reference for obtaining important information. I, therefore, urge you to navigate and read the Handbook in its entirety.

TMU prides itself on the quality of our students and on the high ethical standards of its academic programs. You are not alone as a first-year student. Over 1200 other students are starting their educational careers with you. They are a great help, as are existing undergraduate and graduate students. Your success in engineering will be enhanced by your interactions with your fellow students and friends; however, you continue to be responsible for your own individual learning and growth. Please keep in mind that while your FEAS engineering education will be planted in classrooms, it will grow beyond those classroom walls and your computer monitors. Get involved with people and groups that interest you, these will enrich your experience.

The first year of university is perhaps one of the most important and pivotal years of your educational journey. It is a year that can shape your future permanently. Accordingly, you must give it the attention and dedication it deserves. Science and engineering, as highly competitive fields of education, can be quite intolerant of any lack of attention and concentration. I urge you to take your first year of university very seriously and to know that we are very keen on retaining you and doing all we can, while we can, to avoid losing you.

The pursuit of an engineering degree is hard work, yet amazingly exciting. As you develop intellectually during your educational journey you will be challenged, you will experience highs and lows, you will work harder than you think you are capable of, and you will accomplish more than you think is achievable. You will then discover that this process of maturing intellectually is an art to be learned and an effort to be sustained, to become what you dream of becoming.

We look forward to supporting your academic and personal success at TMU!

Dr. Lamya Amleh, P.Eng
Program Director/Academic Advisor
First-Year and Common Engineering Office