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Academic Support

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The First-Year Engineering Office is committed to your academic success.

Our academic advisors, including the Program Director Dr. Lamya Amleh, provide one-on-one support specific to your individual needs. Take advantage of their personalized assistance whether your concerns relate to course planning, deciding on a program, or any other supports you may need to help you achieve academic success.

To speak with an academic advisor, drop-in during weekday advising hours, or send an email to

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First-Year in Two Years

First Year in Two Years can help you succeed via a reduced course load that enables you to complete your first-year courses over two academic years. This program allows you to comfortably transition from high school to university, and gives you the opportunity to develop skills such as time management, problem-solving and studying.

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Early Intervention Program

This proactive program helps you succeed in a demanding engineering curriculum. At the semester’s mid-point, if you are failing courses in your core curriculum, you will be encouraged to meet with a member of the first-year academic support team to discuss your options.

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Transition Program

If you are finding that the university curriculum is too demanding, the Transition Program can help. With an immediate opportunity to upgrade your academic standing and complete missing or failed courses, it gives you the time you may need to adjust. Learn more about the Transition Program at the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science.

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Study Skills and Learning Success

Student Life and Learning Support is a group of services and programs designed to teach you essential academic skills and study techniques that can help you effectively express your intelligence, apply your knowledge and communicate your ideas. 

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Fresh Start Program

If you have been 'required to withdraw' from your program of study, and you meet the CGPA requirements, Fresh Start may be an option for you. A program designed to help you make better and more informed decisions about your studies, it will give you the support you need to get back on track. Learn more about the Fresh Start Program.

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Academic Accomodations

The Academic Accommodations Support office works confidentially and directly with incoming and returning students who live with both temporary and permanent disabilities that impact their academic functioning. To receive accommodations students must be registered with AAS. Students are encouraged to start the registration process as early as possible to implement support with course work including; labs, quizzes, midterms as well and exams.

Additional Support

During the months of July and August the First Year Office offers optional (non-credit) boost courses in math, physics, chemistry and programming.  Each online course will help you improve and reinforce fundamental topics and concepts you’ll encounter in your first-year engineering subjects. The Engineering Boost Program is taught by Toronto Metropolitan University faculty and is available to all incoming engineering students who have already accepted their offer of admission.

Want to develop your math skills? The Math Centre supports Toronto Metropolitan University students in all programs and offers daily drop-in tutoring sessions for individuals and groups.  (google doc) View the Math Centre’s drop-in hours or find a specific tutor for your needs. (external link, opens in new window)  The Math Centre also runs Supported Learning Groups (SLGs), which are free, course-specific, peer-led group study sessions.

Drop-in to an online discussion-based, course-specific Supported Learning Group! SLGs meet several times throughout the week, providing you with the opportunity to engage with your peers and an experienced student facilitator. SLGs help you develop mastery of course content as well as critical academic skills.

Relevant SLG-supported courses for engineering students: Physics: Waves and Fields (PCS 125), Physics: Mechanics (PCS 211) or General Chemistry (CHY 102) and more!

View the  (google doc) dates and times available for drop-in sessions (external link) .

Are you having trouble with a particular course during your first year of engineering? The First-Year Engineering Office hosts several study halls for numerous courses throughout the summer, fall and winter terms. Keep an eye on our social media and your inbox for info about upcoming study halls.