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Student Awards


2022 Fashion Undergraduate Award Recepients

The School of Fashion would like to honour and thank our generous award donors for their continued support. We are pleased to announce our 2022 award recipients. 

Congratulations to all of our award winners!

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Adele Turcotte Memorial Award

Donor Anonymous

Christie Wang

Christie Wang is a first-year Fashion student. It has always been a dream for her to study fashion and pursue a career in the industry. She feels extraordinarily grateful for everyone and everything that contributed to her being today and loves learning everything her program offers. Christie enjoys creating art in her free time, using various mediums to grow her skills.


Sage Tucker

Sage Tucker is a first year Fashion Design student. She has a focus in bridal design and fashion history and is excited for what the future holds for them at Toronto Metropolitan University. 

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Jaslinh Li






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Allan J. Chindemi Memorial Award


Bianca Delos Reyes

Bianca Delos Reyes is a 4th year Design Student in the School of Fashion. As a designer, Bianca prefers to look at garments as wearable art pieces, rather than just pieces of cloth sewn together. This mindset has guided Bianca throughout her undergraduate years and eventually led to her interest in surface design, which includes embroidery, screen-printing, dyeing, and laser cutting. Bianca aims to create clothes that not only tell a story, but also make its wearers feel unique and bold.


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Alice Mitchell Whitley Award in Apparel Design

Donor Anonymous

Oluwatomisin Segun-Adebowale

Alice Mitchell Whitley Award in Apparel Design 2nd Year

Oluwatomisin is a current 2nd year Fashion design student. In addition to that, she also is the owner of an Afro-centric brand that focuses on representing authentic fashion and design from all over Africa. Oluwatomisin’s life goal is to build a foundation that supports young creatives in Africa who do not have the resources to develop on their own.


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Jung Yeon Ji

Alice Mitchell Whitley Award in Apparel Design 3rd Year Fashion Design


Megan Chee-A-Tow

Alice Mitchell Whitley Award in Apparel Design 4th Year Fashion Design

Megan Chee-A-Tow (she/her) is in her 4th year studying Fashion Design. She started learning to sew at a young age and quickly gained a love for designing and creating garments. Throughout her university studies, Megan has gained an influential perspective in creating a more sustainable future in fashion, which is apparent in how and what she designs. She hopes to start her career in creating recyclable textiles, as well as experimenting with one zero-waste pattern design and other ways to reduce waste in the production process. In her final year, she is studying ways in which fashion can become more accessible through technology such as laser cutting, textile modification and material exploration and 3D printing. Megan hopes to contribute to the fashion industry in a positive way and to have a great impact on the industry worldwide!



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Arthur Lee Family Awards


Irish Panganiban

Since her childhood, Irish has been creating clothes for her dolls. Despite growing up in an environment with little information about fashion design, Irish continued to draw and create clothes. As Irish began to learn more about fashion, her passion grew and she hopes to promote Southeast Asian and Canadian culture and history through her designs. Becoming part of Toronto Metropolitan University has been a significant step towards her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Paula Kirstine Fernandez

Paula Kirstine Fernandez is a 1st-year Fashion student at X University and is beyond honoured and excited to have received the Arthur Lee Family Award. This award is a reminder and a motivator for Kirstine of why she creates what she creates. Fashion and art are a huge part of her life, she is thankful to be recognized for her work and excited to continue to learn and grow at X University in the following years of her undergraduate journey.

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Black Fashion Studnt Association Awards


Tasha Davis

Black Fashion Student Association First Year Award

Tasha's eclectic style and immense passion for creativity manifest into storytelling pieces and fashion designs to talk about. Her strong fashion viewpoint and limitless curiosity expand her artistic exploration, working with different art forms as an outlet to express her desired messages. Her goal is to use artwork and design to unite people and inspire creativity. As an artist, she aims to express her life experiences through her work, including the variety of human emotions translated into each piece. Tasha wants to make her mark in the fashion world while staying true to herself by delivering aspirational yet accessible fashion designs.



Oluwateleola Fagbure

Black Fashion Student Association Third Year Award

Tele is an Undergrad student in the Fashion Design Program. With her love and passion for fashion, she is determined to make a name for herself in the Luxury Fashion Industry. Her goal is to introduce fresh and innovative design ideas  for people to appreciate. She wants her designs to be something people are proud to wear.

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Brettons' Designer of the Year Award

Donor Anonymous

Chloe Jacobsen

Chloe Jacobsen is an interdisciplinary creator and recent Fashion Design graduate at the School of Fashion. Inspired by psychological distortion, Chloe's graduating collection embodied a contrasting juxtaposition of tailored silhouettes and delicate lingerie elements. Chloe is currently pursuing her master's degree at the University of Arts London in Applied Psychology of Fashion (MSc). Concentrating on trend forecasting, Chloe's research will utilize a perceptual lens to uncover how and why consumers subconsciously gravitate and adopt certain fashions. Upon graduation, Chloe aspires to continue her passion for melding the arts of fashion and psychology by launching her own specialized design consultancy business. 

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Carrie Souter Memorial Award




Cameron Anderson

Cameron Anderson is in his second year of the fashion program.

David and Anna Bulmash Awards for Fashion Innovation

Administered by The Fashion Zone

Xinyu Luan

Xinyu Luan is a third-year Toronto Metropolitan University student currently studying the Fashion Design program. This little girl was born in Dalian, a beautiful seaside city located in the northeast of China. At sixteen, she moved to Canada and attended Evan Hardy High collegiate in Saskatchewan. She was selected for an art exhibition at Alice Turner Branch Library, and she received an award of Art when she graduated. In 2019, Xinyu came to Toronto and finally became a part of Toronto Metropolitan University. Talking about fashion, Xinyu has developed her love of styles since a young age. She liked to select clothing in her mother’s closet in primary school, spending hours and hours playing with the outfits. Since then, she has dreamed of being a fashion designer. Later, she attended sewing classes and art courses in High school and chose the fashion design program at Toronto Metropolitan University. In the future, she decides to be a costume designer and hopes to work on Broadway someday. She would like to develop her clothing style and combine Asian elements and western fashion. The world needs more diversity, and that is why she is here.

To Xinyu, fashion is her passion. She will keep working on finding her voice in the fashion world in the future.


FASHION Magazine Travel Award

Hannah Shorthouse

FASHION Magazine Travel Award

Hanna Shorthouse is a third year Fashion Communications student and is honored to have received the FASHION Magazine Travel Award. She has always been passionate about creativity, fashion and travel. Hanna aims to develop her skills in design, visual communication and creative exploration in the Fashion Communication and Promotion program at Nottingham Trent University in the UK.


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Helen and Sulo Hutko Award


awards titles

Mishal Ladika

Helen and Sulo Hutko Award 2nd Year, Fashion


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Iryna Tereshchenko

Helen and Sulo Hutko Award 2nd Year, Fashion

Joseph Gleasure

Helen and Sulo Hutko Award 3rd Year, Fashion Communication

Joseph Gleasure is a 3rd year Fashion Communication student at Toronto Metropolitan University. He is a cofounder of My Clothing Archive an archival fashion platform that primarily covers Japanese menswear from the 1980s to mid-2000s. He is also a contributor to online publications such as RAD and SHELLzine. He has a specific interest in technically innovative or experimental fashion and hopes to pursue a career in buying upon completion of his degree.

Ana Maria Iorga

Helen and Sulo Hutko Award 4th Year,  Fashion Design 

Ana Maria Iorga is completing her final year here at Toronto Metropolitan University in the Fashion Design Program. Ever since she was little, Ana has worked towards her dream of becoming a fashion designer and bringing her artistic visions to life. She feels so lucky to be a part of the incredible Toronto Metropolitan University community, and to have gotten to learn from such amazing faculty and work with so many inspiring colleagues, and to have been given so many opportunities for growth. Ana is working on her final collection, inspired by her heritage and the concept of freedom, and is working hard to bring attention to social concerns. For more information on Ana and to see her portfolio, you can visit her website -, external link, external link - or follow her on instagram @iorga_anamaria.

Lindsay Patterson

Helen and Sulo Hutko Award 3rd Year, Fashion Communication

Lindsay Patterson is a 4th year Fashion Communication student. She is honoured to be a recipient of the Helen and Sulo Hutch Award. After graduation, Lindsay hopes to pursue a Masters degree abroad in Fashion Art Direction. Lindsay has thoroughly enjoyed her time at the School of Fashion and could not be more thankful for the skills and opportunities she has been given, such as receiving this award.

awards titles

Kate Macdonald Memorial Scholarship




Anusha Kuhanathan

Anusha Kuhanathan is a second year Fashion student. Through her creative work, she aims to connect with her South Asian heritage. Anusha is an advocate for mental health and wellbeing and hopes to embody her values into her work.

awards titles

The Lesley Hampton Scholarship, in partnership with the Ontario Mining Association


Brandon Morin

My name is Brandon Morin Fox from Piapot First Nation in Treaty 4 Territory. I am an openly queer Indigenous creative in my first year studying Fashion at X University. Fashion has always been a form of creative expression and an outlet for me to voice my opinion, share my story, and individuality. As well, fashion is a way to explore important issues such as inequality and racial and social injustice that effects our First Nations community. I look forward to further exploring what fashion means to me. Being the recipient of this award is an honour and inspiration and I would like to thank Lesley Hampton and the Ontario Mining Association for this recognition


Linda Lewis Award

Tricia Crivellaro

​​Tricia Crivellaro is a designer, artist and holds a MA in Fashion from *X University. Crivellaro explores the intersections between fashion and art through a practice-led methodology. She designs experimental fashion prototypes and employs a critical lens in creatively engaging with issues at the forefront of the fashion industry.


awards titles

NAMSB Foundation, Inc. Jack C. Lebowitz Award for Excellence in Men's Wear Design

Donor Anonymous

Bianca Delos Reyes

Bianca Delos Reyes is a 4th year Design Student in the School of Fashion. As a designer, Bianca prefers to look at garments as wearable art pieces, rather than just pieces of cloth sewn together. This mindset has guided Bianca throughout her undergraduate years and eventually led to her interest in surface design, which includes embroidery, screen-printing, dyeing, and laser cutting. Bianca aims to create clothes that not only tell a story, but also make its wearers feel unique and bold.


The Robert Ott Experiential Fashion Travel Award


Julia Gerstein

Julia Gerstein is a third year Fashion Design student. She has been sewing since high school and enjoys costume designing for film and stage. Her time at Toronto Metropolitan University thus far has helped her strengthen design skills needed to enter the industry, and she is excited to strengthen them further by studying abroad. In Winter 2022 she will be partaking in international exchange with AMD Akademie Mode & Design in Berlin, and is deeply thankful for the support from the Robert Ott Experiential Fashion Travel Award.



awards titles

Sandra Haynes Memorial Award

This award was established in memory of Sandra Haynes. It is distributed to students enrolled in the School of Fashion who demonstrate academic excellence.



Christy Lau

Christy Lau is a fourth-year Fashion Design Student. Prior to attending Toronto Metropolitan University, she studied Business Management and Marketing at University of Toronto. Integrating her keen interest in marketing with her love and passion for fashion, as well as her values in kindness and freedom, Christy aspires to bring joy to people with diverse backgrounds through her designs. As a designer, she aspires to make people feel genuinely happy and confident about themselves.

Alisana Van Boxtel

Alisana Van Boxtel is a third year Fashion Communication student. In her free time she loves literature and is always drawing or trying to improve her art skills in both digital and analogue styles. Alisana is always seeking out new things to learn that will aid towards her goal of pursing a rewarding career within the fashion industry. She looks forward to being back on campus with everyone and cannot wait to see what the next year brings! 


awards titles

The Simon Chang Foundation for Change Award


awards titles

Alexandria Ferdinand


awards titles

Theo Cokkinos Memorial Award


Prudence Mekongue

Prudence Mekongue is an aspiring Canadian Fashion Designer. She was born in Yaoundé, Cameroon a country located in West Africa. During her fashion studies, Prudence has been the recipient of several awards, including, the 2021 National Fur Design winner, and 2020 Black Fashion Student Association Award. Her graduation collection titled “The Town Crier Collection was inspired by American civil rights activist and essayist James Baldwin and how he can be considered a parallel to a West African town crier. Through this collection Prudence hopes we will be curious enough to dive into our history books and do some research about where we are from and how it affects our decisions today. She is also working to be part of a generation of fashion designers who make a difference in various communities while incorporating couture techniques, sustainability and social justice in her designs.


awards titles

Victoria Amadio Memorial Scholarship


awards titles

Jesse Gusek


awards titles

Zoe Cokkinos Memorial Scholarship



Emily Yiliminuer

As a creative person and fashion design student, I have always been drawing my inspiration from moments, memories, feelings and emotions of real-life then connecting them to my work of designs, therefore, each piece of my work tells a unique story without a written form. My work is all about the amount of delicacy I put into every tiny bit of my design details. This reward will be a motivation for me to maximize the effort I can possibly put into my future work of designs.