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Danielle Martin

Danielle Martin

Assistant Professor of Fashion Design and Creative Direction


  • BA Gestion et Design de Mode, UQAM
  • MA Fashion Womenswear, Central Saint Martins
  • PhD Candidate, Études et Pratiques des Arts, UQAM


Danielle Martin is an Assistant Professor in Fashion Design and Creative Direction. She is the recipient of national and international awards additionally, she has valuable experience working with internationally-renowned designers like Christian Lacroix and Roland Mouret.

Danielle has received her MA Fashion from Central Saint Martins in London, UK. She and her partner, Pao Lim, launched MARTIN LIM's label. While teaching at Toronto Metropolitan University, she is completing her PhD that focuses on the intersection of art, 3D printing technology, and fashion.

  • Experimental and Creative Process
  • New Media and Digital Technology
  • Wearable Technology
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Human Centered Design
  • Design with a Sustainable Approach
  • Documentation and Communication of Creative Process
  • Reframing Fashion Draping: Moving away from the sample size in the classroom
    Year: 2018-present
    Co-Principal Investigator
  • Fashion Design for Design It Yourself
    Year: 2016-2018
    Co-Principal Investigator
  • Design & Emotion: Fashion Design and Nostalgia
    Year: 2015-2016
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Funding Received: $5,000 CAD
    Funded By: Knowledge Update Grant, UQAM
  • Computational fashion and 3D printing research: 3D Dress
    Year: 2015
    Co-Principal Investigator
    Funding By:
    Partnership Grant, Eyebeam and Shapeways
  • 3D Printing for Fashion Research: 3D Dress and 3D Tutu
    Year: 2014-2015
    Principal Investigator
    Funding Received:
    $10,000 CAD
    Funded By:
    Knowledge Update Grant, UQAM
  • Motherhood as Inspiration: Milk Dance Collection
    Year: 2004
    Principal Investigator
    Funding Received:
    $5,000 USD
    Funded By: Design Vision Award for Eveningwear, Gen Art Styles 2004 International


  • Exploration en impression 3D – Exhibition of three art/design research-creation work, 3D Tutu, 3D Dress and tactileDress, Maison Hamel-Bruneau, Septembre à Décembre 2019, Quebec City
  • Dutch Design Week – Exhibition of an art/design research-creation work, tactileDress, DDW 2019, October 2019, Eindoven, Netherlands
  • La Vitrine – Solo exhibition of an art/design research-creation work, robeMain en devenir, Atelier Daigneault/Schofield, May 2019, Montreal
  • Inclusive Design Seminar – Inclusive participatory creation, atlasDress, Ada Slaight Gallery, OCAD-U, July 2018, Toronto
  • UQAM PhD Seminar – Performative and participatory art creation, atlasDress, UQAM, April 2018, Montreal
  • Vitrine ÉSM – Solo exhibition of Three conceptions, Tutu 3D, mathDress, and 3dTrio’s 3D Dress, ESM, Jan-April 2016, Montreal
  • – Exhibition of the 3D Dress by 3dTrio,, Sept-Dec 2015, New York City
  • Download – Collective exhibition during the DWT conference, 3D Dress by 3dTrio, Convene, 22 Oct 2015, New York City
  • World Maker Faire – Exhibition and demonstration of the 3D Dress by 3dTrio, NY Hall of Science, 26-27 Sept 2015, New York
  • Re-Making Patterns – Collective exhibition, 3D Dress by 3dTrio, Gallery space of Seaport Culture District, 10-17 Sept 2015, New York City
  • Making Patterns – Collective exhibition, Tutu 3D, Gallery space of Seaport Culture District, July-Sept 2015, New York City
  • Matter That Moves – Collective exhibition, Tutu 3D, Gallery Hotel Particulier, 12 September 2014, New York City