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Colleen Schindler-Lynch

Colleen Schindler-Lynch

Associate Professor


  • BFA, University of Windsor
  • MFA, Louisiana State University


Colleen Schindler-Lynch has a Master of Fine Arts from Louisiana State University. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Fashion at Toronto Metropolitan University in Toronto, Canada where she leads the area of Fashion Illustration and teaches Accessory Design, Textile Design, and Material Practices. She lectures on current trends pertaining to diversity and fashion illustration as well as visual plagiarism.

  • Illustration: digital and analogue
  • Narrative and wearable art                      
  • Conceptual and critical image making
  • Textile design and development
  • Adornment and jewellery design
  • Experimental and Creative Process
  • Textiles, Fashion and Art intersections
  • Grief and Narrative Studies
  • Diversity in Fashion Illustration
  • Visual Plagiarism

The gallery exhibition, Daemon and Saudade at the Art Gallery of Northumberland, Nov 2018-Jan 2019. Photography, fashion, textiles, and jewellery were used in the creation of this interdisciplinary work to explore stories of grief, loss, and the careful crafting of identity. Images and wearable sculptures document time, emotion, and circumstance as they convey personal narratives derived from journaling and sketching. Acrylic and ceramic mourning jewellery show the physical embodiment and beautification of emotion through embellished personal tokens that forever link fashion and grief.

I submitted an article entitled, Grief Becomes Her – Fashion Connections in Daemon & Saudade to the Fashion Studies Journal, Issue 2 an open access journal in fashion Academia. It is in the review process.

New work in progress:
Dis-ease with Disease, an exhibition merging textiles, fashion and art, exploring unseen paths of transmission. Global pandemics have raised our awareness of the potential for unintended infection. This is a body of work in development, representing concepts of transmission by textile. We touch or come in contact with surfaces and items daily and from those interactions, we leave traces bio material or we pick up material left by someone else.  Here, ideas of viral transmission, even as simple as the way we can catch a common cold, raises awareness of our global connectivity as well as the numerous points of common contact we have daily. 


Solo Exhibitions:

  • Thames Art Gallery “Daemon and Saudade” | UPCOMING JUN - AUG 2022
  • Camp Widow Toronto “Daemon and Saudade” | UPCOMING NOV 2019
  • Art Gallery of Northumberland “Daemon and Saudade” | NOV 2018 - JAN 2019
  • Eastern Edge “I was sure it was you” | St. John’s, NF | OCT 1997
  • Artcite Inc “Waiting and Seeing” | Windsor, ON | APR-MAY 1995
  • Foster Gallery “God Made Me” | Baton Rouge, LA | AUG 1994

Group Exhibitions:

  • Robert Mclaughlin Gallery “Exposed” | Oshawa, ON | NOV 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Toronto Metropolitan University “Rubix” | Toronto, ON | NOV 2016 , 2017, 2018
  • Ajuntament de Gata de Gorgos “Art al Vent XII” | Gata de Gorgos, Spain | SUMMER 2014, 2015
  • Esplanade Art Gallery Medicine Hat, AB | SPRING 2002
  • Thames Gallery Chatham, ON | SPRING 2002
  • Pekao Gallery “As it Seems to Be” | Toronto, ON | DEC 1997
  • Art Gallery of Windsor Southwest Biennial | Windsor, ON | MAR-MAY 1995
  • Gallery Chiba & Chiba, Japan & Windsor, ON | FALL 1994
  • Windsor Printmakers Forum

Conferences and Presentations:

  • Co-Presenter Learning Together: Collaboration & Community at the Centre. Ryerson Learning and Teaching Conference Toronto Metropolitan University, Toronto ON | MAY 16, 2019 “Visual Plagiarism: How to Prevent, Educate and Detect” Academic Integrity Office, Dr. John Paul Foxe, Andrea Ridgly, Grahame Lynch and Colleen Schindler-Lynch
  • Co-Presenter Canadian Symposium on Academic Integrity, Werklund School of Education University of Calgary, Calgary ON | APR 17-18, 2019 “Visual Plagiarism: How to Prevent, Educate and Detect” Academic Integrity Office, Andrea Ridgly, Grahame Lynch and Colleen Schindler-Lynch
  • Presenter Engaged: Ryerson Learning and Teaching Conference, Toronto Metropolitan University, Toronto ON May 18, 2017 “Digital Intervention” Experiential Learning and the Blended Studio environment”
  • Presenter Fashion and Media Symposium, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, October 13-14, 2017 “The Anti-Body – The Dissolution, Deconstruction and Disappearance of the Figure in Illustration”
  • Presenter Canadian Fashion Scholars’ Symposium, Montreal, ON | SEPT 2017
  • Presenter The Space Between: Psyche, Body, Skin, Environment Symposium Royal College of Art, London, UK | FEB, 2017 “Metaphorical Armour” This symposium is a collaboration between the Fashion Research Network and Dr Azadeh Fatehrad with support from the Royal College of Art.
  • Abstract Accepted  Narrative Conference, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY | MARCH 2016 “Your Heart on Your Sleeve: Narrative in Fashion and Textiles”
  • Presenter Fashion Then and Now Conference Lim College, NY OCT 2016  “Reason for Being: Intersections of Fine Art and Fashion Illustration”
  • Applicant Accepted Canadian Fashion Scholars’ Symposium, Toronto, ON | OCT 2016
  • Presenter Icon 9, The Illustration Conference, Making your Mark, Austin TX | JUL 2016 “ What’s the Skinny? Diversifying Fashion Illustration”
  • Abstract Accepted  Fashion and the Body Conference University of Minnesota, MN | MAY 2016 “Fashioning Difference”
  • Presenter Textual Fashion Conference: Representing Fashion and Clothing in Word and Image University of Brighton, UK | JUL 2015 “Peccadillos”
  • Co-Presenter Toronto Metropolitan University Faculty Conference Toronto, ON | MAY 2014 “Diversity in Fashion”
  • Abstract Accepted  IFFTI Conference RMIT Melbourne, Australia | SPRING 2008 “The Anti-Body: The Disappearance, Dissolution, and Deconstruction of the Body in Illustration”
  • Presenter IFFTI Conference | APR 2007 “Lost Innocence: Extreme Subject Matter in Illustration”