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TMU Furniture Rehome Program

Four black office chairs around a meeting table.

The TMU Furniture Rehome Program was created by the Sustainability Office to divert TMU furniture in good condition from landfill. Through the program, we hope to encourage and facilitate the redistribution and reuse of quality surplus TMU furniture items and reduce landfill waste. 

If items cannot be rehomed on campus, they are made available to TMU community members for personal use or are otherwise offered to other public sector institutions (external link) , community organizations or TMU’s Free Store. Anything remaining or unfit for redistribution is dismantled and recycled as appropriate.

Electronics donation drive for reuse and recycling

Electronics Collection Drive for Circular Economy Month

This month, TMU students, faculty and staff are asked to be conscious of the choices they make and to consider mindful consumption and the responsible use and disposal of assets and resources.

Departments are invited to bring their unneeded TMU-owned computer and electronics for redistribution within the institution or their e-waste for proper recycling and environmentally-conscious disposal. 

The Sustainability Office and the Future of Work are accepting non–data-storing computer equipment on October 18 and 24, 2023, at the Victoria Building, room VIC-403 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Important: At this time, we are only collecting TMU-owned electronics — not personal technology.

Contact the Future of Work’s Narish Maraj at for support with bulk donations.

Computer peripherals and accessories we can accept

  • Computer monitors
  • Keyboard and mouse peripherals
  • Docking stations and port adapters
  • Printers and scanners
  • Microphones, speakers and webcams
  • Projectors

Devices we cannot accept

  • Computer towers, laptops or hard drives
  • Mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets
  • Programmable telephones such as our CISCO telephones
  • External hard drives or digital memory storage devices
  • Cameras or recording devices with built-in memory

Most program donations are either office furniture (chairs, desks, tables or filing cabinets) or lab furniture (lab tables, shelves or chairs). However, non-furniture items, such as office supplies, books or equipment donations are also accepted. Personal items are not accepted.

Retired electronics that are functional but no longer compatible with university infrastructure or that cannot be rehomed internally may be redirected to other public sector institutions, the TMU Free Store or community programs to find a second life where they are needed.

Benefits of the Furniture Rehome Program

Ensures less waste goes to landfill.

Supports a zero-waste mindset at TMU.

Saves the university money by reusing items.

How it works

The Furniture Rehome Program can be used only for TMU-owned items and not for personal item exchange. At the moment, it is only open to TMU faculty and staff. All items must be free of charge.

It is the responsibility of the individual parties to coordinate the pick-up of the item. FMD is not responsible for this.

Item rehoming

If you are no longer in need of a furniture item, contact the Sustainability Office at to be added to the TMU Furniture Rehome Google group for posting or exchange with other departments or to help determine next steps for redistribution, reuse or donation.

Item pick up

Individual parties will coordinate the pick-up of the item. If it is a large item, a fix-it request to can be made to have the item moved for you. These requests will be approved on a case-by-case basis and may be denied. Fix-it requests can only be made for on-campus buildings (leased spaces are excluded).

Looking for an item?

If you would like to see available items for rehoming, contact the Sustainability Office at to be added to the TMU Furniture Rehome Google group.

  • Post on the TMU Furniture Rehome Google group as soon as you have the item available to give adequate time for the item to be viewed and claimed. Items should be TMU furniture or equipment only, personal items are not accepted.
  • A clear subject line should be included to increase visibility. Please indicate what is being traded and the location of the item. 
  • Your message must include:
    •  a photo of the item
    • the location where it can be picked up
    • the date/time it must be picked up by. 
    • additional information such as item dimensions, item condition, etc.
  • If there is more than one person interested in the same item, the item should be given to the person that requested it first.
  • Once the item has been given away, please delete the post so others know that the item is no longer available and notify the Sustainability Office at so they can track the number of items that have successfully moved through the program.

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Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact Sharmilla Raj, sustainability engagement lead, at