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Lush green trees lining the sides of Nelson Mandella Walk.

The Sustainability Office plays an important role within Facilities Management and Development (“Facilities”),  which oversees the university’s buildings, facilities and grounds across four million square feet of space in 42 buildings on 27 acres of land.

We work with other Facilities teams to advance sustainability throughout our campus operations by collecting and analyzing institutional data to help identify and define priorities to improve sustainability in our programs, research, operations and infrastructure.

As a champion of responsible environmental stewardship, we pursue opportunities to strengthen sustainability across all areas of the university through environmental education and engagement and promote the values of sustainability and environmental literacy in teaching and practice.


We envision a TMU where our commitment to being champions of sustainability is evident in all we do. From our scholarly pursuits to the way we operate our campus, sustainability principles and practices are fully integrated across all areas of the university. 


Our mission is to create a culture of sustainability within the university community, demonstrate our commitment to sustainability in the way we develop, operate, and maintain our campus, and work towards fully integrating sustainability in our institutional and administrative functions. This transformation towards a more sustainable campus is achieved by engaging and collaborating with on-campus stakeholders and beyond in an effort to promote inclusion, participation and partnership. 

Empowering our community

Community involvement is a key component of Sustainability Office projects and programs. We help empower student groups, faculties and departments who are working to advance sustainability by offering:

  • subject matter expertise and resources;
  • opportunities to promote your work;
  • connections to potential collaborators; and in some cases,
  • direct collaboration.

For more information, contact Sharmilla Raj, sustainability manager, at

Learn more about the work we do to reduce TMU’s environmental impact, through  waste reduction and recycling programs, climate action projects and programs, annual greenhouse gas emissions measurement and reporting, education, engagement events and activities, and much more!