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Appspace training

Appspace is our digital signage tool used to upload and create content for screens around campus.  If you are a new user to Appspace and are responsible for uploading and managing content for your local screens, this guide will help you get started.

Topics include:

Log in and upload content

As an Appspace user you will be responsible for managing, uploading and scheduling your content.

This section covers the basics for:

  • Logging in to Appspace
  • Adding content to your playlist channels
  • Scheduling your content  - dayparting & frequency of display options
  • Expiring time sensitive items
  • Previewing your playlist channel

Using the library

Each group is given their own library to house content, as well as access to a common library with useful media and cards to use on your screens.

This section covers:

  • How to manage your group's library
  • How to use and take advantage of the resources in the Common library

Appspace cards

Cards are easy to use templates that support a wide variety of content, including images, text, video, data, and more.

This section covers:

  • Types of cards available for you to use
  • Instructions on how to create cards
  • Ready made cards for use found in the common library