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Using the library

Your group library

Each group has their own library where your team can organize your content.

There are two folders already created for you:

  • cards - where you can put all cards you create for your channels
  • images_video - where you can place your uploaded jpegs and videos

You can also create your own folders, and sub-folders as needed. You are responsible for keeping it organized and free of outdated media.

It's important to regularly remove outdated content from your library. Add expiration dates to media that is time-specific, such as events or deadlines.


The common library and how to use it

In the common library, we’ve provided some ready to use cards such as Toronto Met Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, along with some common news feeds and weather.  There are also photos and video resources for you to use when creating your own cards.

Animated backgrounds

In the animated background folder there are a series of animated backgrounds for use when creating your own announcement cards.

News & weather cards

In the news & weather cards folder there is a pre-created Toronto weather card and a collection of RSS cards that are pulling a variety of CBC news feeds of top stories, local Toronto news, sports, business and more.

Toronto Met logos

The Toronto Met logos folder is populated with official Toronto Met logos for use when creating your own cards

Toronto Met photos

There is a folder of Toronto Met specific photos for you to use that showcase Toronto Met student life, the TMU campus and the surrounding city of Toronto. You can use these in your announcement style cards.  

Social media cards

In the social media cards folder we have ready to use cards for the Toronto Met official facebook, twitter and instagram feeds as well as some youtube videos showcasing the campus.

Creating your own social media cards requires special passport authentication. If your area has a specific Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account you would like to showcase contact us to see about getting it set up in Appspace.