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Digital Signage on Campus

The digital signs are a great way to get your information across to the student body for events, services, deadlines, reminders and general promotion. Please review the guidelines outlined below for ad creation as well as providing your own ads.

To ensure your ad gets posted in time to meet your requirements, please give proper notice to the signage team. Also, as the signage is a shared space, we have to accommodate everyone so time on the screens will be balanced based on all current promotions running.

I have an ad to post to the screens

You have an ad created or want to know guidelines for making your own

I need an ad created

Find out the costs and steps involved in getting an ad created for the screens

Where are the screens?

Screen locations around the campus and types of content running

Appspace training

New to the Appspace signage tool?  Get started here.

New! - Appspace cards

Cards are easy to use templates that support a wide variety of content, including images, text, video, data, and more.

Some of our work on campus