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I want to create my own ad

General guidelines:

  • We try and keep all ads short - ideally less than 12 seconds
  • Graphic design minimum requirements - in order for an ad to be accepted it must be professional, readable and well designed
  • Text must be simple, large and readable from 10 feet away - see examples below
  • Since most screens have no audio, you have to convey your message silently - keep that in mind when creating your ad
  • Ads run at 1920x1080 sq pixels 
  • File format for video: MP4 (mpeg file - Frame Rate: 29.97, Profile:  Baseline, Bit Rate Target:  6mbps, Bitrate Max:  8mbps, Audio:  AAC, sq pixel aspect ratio)
  • File format for graphic image: jpeg (1920x1080 pixels, 72dpi)
  • Large file sizes cannot be accommodated, so please keep ads to less than 100MB

Content guidelines:

Please review our content guidelines for what types of content we can run on the screens

File naming convention: 

Large promos - 1920x1080
adname_expdate.mp4  (ie. gradfair_feb13.mp4 OR gradfair_feb13.jpg)

If there is a date range for a promo - then naming convention would show range as well (ie: adname_jan27_feb14.mp4)

Note:  No dashes in the file names.

Submitting an ad:

Please submit your completed ad to our ticket system at:

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