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I need an ad created


  • We try and keep promos to less than 12 seconds with short, key phrases whenever possible
  • In most cases, you will provide a basic message you want to promote and we'll pull out the key copy for the ad from that
  • If there is any branding associated with the ad or imagery that might be useful, that should be provided at as high as resolution as possible
  • If there is a print or web ad already created, please send, ideally with the key imagery separated out from the full text PDF
  • We'll incorporate as much as we can of the brand and original ad into the design to keep the message consistent
  • Ads run in full screen mode (see examples below)
  • Lead time should be at least one week prior to the ad running on the screens 
  • Please indicate ideal running time for ad and we will accommodate as much as possible

Getting started on your ad:

If you would like us to create an ad for you, please submit a ticket at: 

Submit request to create an ad

(Note, the cost for this is $55/hr.)  A quote will be provided to you before any work is done. Simple ads can be completed in as little as 2-3 hours. 

Text sizing best practice examples