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iClicker (external link, opens in new window)  is the institutionally supported classroom response system. 

  • Create a more engaging classroom
  • In-class quizzes with instant results
  • Create classroom polls for instant feedback
  • Integrates with D2L

About 

iClicker incorperates technology into a learning environment. Each student has an iClicker and uses it to respond to questions during class time. Results are captured and displayed immediately. By answering questions and seeing the results right away, students will know how they are doing and where they are with their peers. Using iClickers also allows shy students to participate when normally they will not raise their hands. iClicker can be used either anonymously or for marking.

Getting Started 

If you are interested in using iClicker in your classroom for the first time, please contact us for a consultation.

If you have used iClicker in your classroom before, please refer to the iClicker Instructor Guide (opens in new window)  for more information on the latest updates.

Support 