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Migrant Lives in Pandemic Times Lesson Plans

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CERC Migration presents a toolkit for teachers to help them support students in learning about the world of migration. The toolkit has been designed for students between grades five to eight, and draws from a collection of video documentaries to introduce them to the personal stories of migrants living in different locations around the world. The lessons and the commentary associated with the videos introduce students to what it means to be a migrant and the life challenges they face, particularly during the global pandemic.

While the lesson plans are suited to grades five to eight, the videos are instructive for all senior learners, from high school to graduate students. The lesson plans, written by experts in education curriculum, are designed to:

  • Help students to examine important themes of diversity, international community and inequality.
  • Encourage critical thinking to understand the life challenges migrants face in different parts of the world.
  • Generate conversation, engagement and inquiry among students, and even inspire students to consider what call to action they could take to voice their concerns.

About Migrant Lives in Pandemic Times

Migrant Lives in Pandemic Times is a digital storytelling project produced by CERC Migration and Migration Matters. Recorded during the summer of 2021, the project presents both personal testimony and expert analysis to explore how the everyday realities of 12 migrants have changed during the pandemic.

From a Chilean pandemic home-school tutor in Oakland, California, to a Senegalese street seller in Bilbao, Spain, the stories give voice to those missing in media and public debate, and also reveal insights into universal conditions and challenges in terms of work, mental health and the importance of communities. Each migrant story includes an individual portrait and an accompanying video statement and policy brief produced by an international migration scholar.

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