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A tribute to Cities of Migration, 2008 to 2019

In 2018, Maytree launched Cities of Migration to enable an exchange of good ideas in immigrant integration and innovative practices and policy solutions that promote diversity, inclusion and urban prosperity. The idea was inspired by a serendipitous visit to the City of Birmingham led by Senator Ratna Omidvar, who was Presdient of Maytree at that time. Omidvar and colleagues recognized that successful migrant integration programs in one city could be replicated in others, and by sharing stories of how policy was playing out on-the-ground, they could help to spread an understanding of best practices in cities around the world. In her role as President of Maytree (external link) , Omidvar established an international network for learning and discussion. The Cities of Migration initiative was supported by international founding partners: Bertelsmann Stiftung (Germany), Barrow Cadbury Trust (UK), Tindall Foundation (New Zealand), Fundacion Bertelsmann (Spain), and Open Society Foundations (EU). For more than a decade, Cities of Migration earned an international reputation for excellence in identifying promising local integration practices and building an international network of practitioners, policymakers, leaders in government, business and not-for-profit. At its peak, Cities of Migration had connections to many thousands of contacts around the world.

Legacy Resources

Over its more-than 10 years of operation, Cities of Migration led international conferences, held numerous webinars and events, and produced an extensive resource of essays, blogs and publications to help participants in the field. Between 40,000 and 60,000 web users visited its website each year to access its extensive library of resources. The web resources provide a window into how cities around the world approached newcomer integration and inclusion through the period 2008 to 2019.  We are pleased to share collections of the material that was produced over the life of Cities of Migration. Web users can follow links from the Table of Contents or search by city name to find relevant articles.

Good Ideas in Integration

Cities of Migration was founded on a compilation of blog stories on good practices and policy solutions from global cities. The library of Good Ideas contains more than 325 profiles of promising practices, collected from 160 cities in 25 different countries. Good Ideas included successful city-level initiatives (either a program, activity or strategy) that was considered innovative, practical and exportable.  

Learning Exchange

A monthly series of webinars brought local integration actors together for city-to-city information sharing and peer learning. Over its life, the program created a library of over 70 videos of webinars which continue to be housed on the Cities of Migration YouTube channel (external link) .

Building Inclusive Cities

A collection of essays by international experts was produced on themes central to inclusive city-building. Essays provide insight and analysis on building inclusive cities, what works, what doesn’t, the cost of exclusion, and include examples of good practices, policy recommendations, and resources for further learning and connection. The project was undertaken in partnership with Open Society Initiative for Europe, and with Bertelsmann Stiftung and other partners.

Reports Archive

Cities of Migration produced a number of case studies and reports, by country and by theme, to consolidate its analysis and reporting of best practices.

 (PDF file) Good Ideas on Economic Inclusion: Access to Banking, 2013 (English); (PDF file)  (German)

 (PDF file) Good Ideas from Successful Cities: Municipal Leadership in Immigrant Integration, 2012 (English);  (PDF file) (Spanish) (PDF file) (German)

 (PDF file) Practice to Policy: Lessons from Local Leadership, 2013 (English) (PDF file) (German)

 (PDF file) Good Ideas from Successful Cities: Country report – Germany, 2012 (English) (PDF file) (German)

 (PDF file) Good Ideas from Toronto: Germany Roadshow: an Exchange of Immigrant Integration Practices, 2011

 (PDF file) Cities of Migration Marketplace of Good Ideas: National Immigrant Integration Conference, Seattle, 2011

 (PDF file) Cities of Migration: An Opportunity Agenda for Cities, The Hague, Oct. 3-4, 2010


Country Reports

 (PDF file) Country report – Spain, 2012 (English); (PDF file)  (Spanish)

 (PDF file) Country report – United Kingdom, 2012

 (PDF file) Country report – New Zealand, 2012

 (PDF file) Country report – Canada, 2013 (English); (PDF file)  (French); (PDF file)  (German)

 (PDF file) Country report – United States, 2012


Case Studies

 (PDF file) The Inclusion of Migrant with Irregular Status by Sarah Spencer, Oxford University, 2018.

 (PDF file) Planning for Urban Resilience and Inclusive Cities: Lessons from Toronto by Zhixi Zhuang, Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University), 2018.