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Skilled migrant decision making under uncertainty

The global race for talent has resulted in a dramatic rise in the flows of highly skilled migrants and international students, who have become highly coveted by countries around the world. But what drives the decision to move to a new country? Could periods of uncertainty and risk, such as the global COVID-19 pandemic, affect their decision to migrate?

This study seeks to better understand the decision-making process of English-speaking and French-speaking highly skilled migrants and international students to migrate to Canada. Migration decisions are complex, and often involve multiple steps, conflicting goals, and uncertain outcomes. Understanding migration decisions, especially during a global pandemic, is fundamental to those in a host country seeking to attract migrants. Our study will be of interest to policymakers, settlement service providers, employers, and other stakeholders working with English-speaking and French-speaking migrants, who seek to understand the drivers behind the highly skilled migrant’s aspiration to migrate to Canada.


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