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Season 2 Trailer


Why do migrants take increasingly dangerous routes? How is technology changing the places where people work and the countries trying to attract them? And why is xenophobia against migrants being mobilized by South Africa’s politicians?

I'll be seeking answers from the world's leading academics and those working on the frontlines of migration.

Welcome to season two of Borders & Belonging! If you're new to the show – welcome! In Season 1, we focused on debunking some of the biggest migration myths. You can always go back and listen to these episodes in any order you like.  In Season 2, we’re taking a different approach, highlighting regional migration issues to uncover how wider global forces play out locally around the world. We’ll be exploring topics like what’s driving migrants to brave dangerous routes like the Darien Gap.

When the mud is up to your waist or your chest, when the rivers are too strong for you to walk through, no matter what you do you’re never prepared.

How the EU is attempting to reshape migration dynamics by forging deals with African nations.

Do we all have access to the same bundle of rights? Or are some people more equal than others?

We'll also hear from people like Odilia Romero.

We need to rethink language and language as a fundamental human right. Without language, there’s no rights. 

We want to shed light on voices and stories often overlooked, to better understand how complex global forces play out locally and connect us all. Are you in? Then be sure to hit that follow button wherever you get your podcasts. Episode 1 drops October 24th.