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Portrait of Nadine Camp

Nadine Camp

Co-director, Synergies migrations

Visiting Toronto Metropolitan Univeristy

Spring 2024

Nadine Camp is the co-director of Synergies migrations, a French think and do tank specialized in migrations, asylum and inclusion, based in Paris and Lyon. After obtaining a Master degree in law from the University Jean Moulin Lyon III, she worked 18 years with human rights and refugee aid NGOs and carried out numerous field missions in Africa and Eastern Europe.

After a short Fulbright Fellowship at Kent State University (US) where she studied the US resettlement program, Nadine worked as an independent expert from 2018 to 2022, collaborating with CSOs, local authorities and international organizations. She accompanied civil society leaders in the development and implementation of projects and carried out studies on policies and practices regarding migrants reception and inclusion. Convinced of the importance of building bridges between research and field actions, Nadine co-created Synergies migrations, which aims to develop dialogue between migration stakeholders and contribute to better the welcoming and inclusion of migrants.

Research focus while a Fellow with CERC

Synergies migrations is working on the development of legal pathways for refugees in France (resettlement, humanitarian corridors, university corridors) and on citizens mobilization to welcome migrants. Canada is one of the most proactive country in the field of complementary pathways for refugees and private sponsorships programs. Nadine’s participation to the CERC Civil Society Fellowship program will be a great opportunity to work with CERC researchers on the role of citizens in welcoming refugees, and to better understand how their contribution is perceived by Canadian local and national authorities in the elaboration and implementation of migration policies.

Publications and Reports

„Digital Streetwork“ für Neuzugewanderte jetzt live in Berlin! (external link)  Zwischenbericht der Projektes „Neu in Berlin Live“ für das Jahr 2022

Migration / Digital – Die Bedeutung der Sozialen Medien für Ankommen, Orientierung und Teilhabe von Neuzugewanderten in Deutschland (external link)  (2019)