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Camila Batista

Chief Operating Officer, Migraflix

Visiting Toronto Metropolitan Univeristy

Spring 2023

Camila has been working with slums and marginalized communities for more than 10 years. She is the COO of Migraflix, a social startup that promotes the economic inclusion of immigrants through cultural entrepreneurship. She is the Chair of the Advisory Board of the Migration Youth and Children platform, a self-organized space for youth participation in high level migration advocacy at the UN and state level. She has a master's degree in human rights, with a focus on access to justice for women living in poverty. She was an independent expert of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW/UN). With experience reviewing global reports on gender equity, she speaks about women's empowerment in different corners of the world and participates in several global processes. She was awarded by the UNAOC as one of the “150 youth voices of tomorrow". Fellow at the BMW Foundation (2018) and Opportunity Collaboration (2022).

Research focus while a Fellow with CERC

Camila will draw on her exchange with researchers and local organizations to support Migraflix goals to continue innovating and scaling up the organization. She will also sharing professional experience and perspectives.