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Anthea Hancocks

Chief Executive Officer, Scanlon Foundation and Scanlon Foundation Research Institute

Visiting Toronto Metropolitan University

Winter 2023

Anthea Hancocks is the CEO of the Scanlon Foundation and the Scanlon Foundation Research Institute. She has an extensive background in social cohesion and community development, strategic planning, business development, community service, education, communications, and relationship and services marketing through senior, executive positions in private and publicly listed, government, professional services, academia and not-for-profit organizations in Australia and the USA. Anthea is chair of Welcoming Australia, the Huddle Advisory Committee and the Monash University Migration and Inclusion Centre Advisory Board and is a member of the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council of Adult, Community and Further Education. She is also a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

Research focus while a Fellow with CERC

During the fellowship, Anthea will be undertaking a comparative research study into the integration experiences of minority communities in Toronto. This will focus primarily on social cohesion and how the integration experiences contribute to maximizing the cohesion of the society as a whole. 

Publications and Reports

Mapping Social Cohesion Reports (external link)  have been undertaken since 2007. The Australian Cohesion Index incorporated into the 2021 Mapping Social Cohesion Report. Social Cohesion Insights 1 – 4. Scanlon Foundation Research Institute Narratives and Essays.  

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