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Photo of Jeremie Molho

Jérémie Molho

Senior Research Associate
EducationPhD, University of Angers
Areas of ExpertiseComparative urban studies, cultural policies, diversity governance

Jérémie Molho’s research adopts a comparative urban studies approach. He has conducted fieldwork in emerging global cities such as Istanbul, Doha and Singapore and has been developing an interest for visual and video-based research methods in recent years. Jérémie's current research compares the urban policies and politics of attraction and retention of migrants with complex trajectories spanning across Asia, the Middle East and Canada. He also seeks to develop a collaborative research project to analyze the role of arts and culture in the urban inclusion of marginalized migrants across different world cities.

Jérémie received his BA in Middle Eastern studies and MA in urban studies from Sciences Po Paris, and his PhD in geography (2016) from the University of Angers, France. From 2016 and 2019, he was research associate at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy (EUI), and then Marie Curie fellow at the National University of Singapore (2019-21) and the EUI (2021-22). His doctoral research explored the globalization of art markets in Istanbul, Singapore, Doha and Hong Kong. His post-doctoral research analyzed the governance of diversity in Doha and Singapore.

Jérémie co-created six Massive Open Online Courses on the FutureLearn and EdX platforms, and he initiated and coordinated the National University of Singapore-University of Paris project ‘Governing Diverse Cities in Europe and Asia’.

Recent Publications

With Dines, N., Triandafyllidou, A., & Levitt, P. (2021). Managing cultural diversity and (re) defining the national in ‘global South’cities. (external link)  Identities28(6), 690-698.

(2021). Becoming Asia’s Art Market Hub: Comparing Singapore and Hong Kong (external link) . Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute.

(2021). Putting the city on the world art map: star curators and nation branding. (external link)  International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society34(4), 455-470.

With Levitt, P., Dines, N., & Triandafyllidou, A. (2020). Cultural policies in cities of the ‘global South’: a multi-scalar approach. (external link)  International Journal of Cultural Policy26(6), 711-721.

(2020). Modelling diversity: cultural district policies in Doha and Singapore. (external link)  International Journal of Cultural Policy26(6), 740-755.