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Portrait of Eriselda Shkopi

Eriselda Shkopi

Research Affiliate
EducationPhD, University of Padua

Eriselda Shkopi’s research examines the interactions among agency and structures for advancing migrants’ fundamental rights and, to a larger extent, citizenship rights. For her PhD, she analyzed political participation, belonging(s) and citizenship pathways of Albanian migrants in Italy and England.

Her current work is focused on every-day resistance strategies of migrant agricultural workers (and their allies and supporters) to have fundamental rights recognized, such as the right to secure legal status, decent housing and access to health. This project, awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Postdoctoral Fellowship, runs until November 2025, and uses Canada as the main context. Eriselda is based at Arthur Labatt School of Nursing, University of Western Ontario, and at the Ca’ Foscari University.

Previously, she served as research assistant at the UNESCO Chair on the Social and Spatial Inclusion of International Migrants – Urban Policies and Practices SSIIM- IUAV where she conducted participatory-action research with stakeholders and NGOs on the barriers and discrimination that migrants, asylum seekers and refugees face in gaining access to housing. Eriselda’s work has also included intervention projects with/for migrant sex workers rights, care workers participation, reception projects for refugees and asylum seekers, diaspora transfer of knowledge and prevention of work exploitation in agriculture. She has published articles in internationally refereed journals, chapters in collected volumes, book reviews in both Italian and English.

Recent publications

With Perocco, F., Travailleuses agricoles migrantes en Italie et au Canada: précarité, exploitation, violence, (Forthcoming in 2024, chapter in collected volume)

With Caxaj, C. S., Naranjo, C. T., Chew, A., Hao, Y.T., and Nguyen, M., (2023). Health, social and legal supports for migrant agricultural workers in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada, Australia and New Zealand: A Scoping Review. (external link)  Frontiers in Public Health, 11, 1182816. Doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2023.1182816

With Scarabello, S (2023). Lost encounters? The time-scale temporalities involved in countering gang-master and labour exploitation policies. (external link)  The Lab’s Quarterly.  a. XXV / n. 2 – ISSN 2035-5548 | 1724-451X

With Marconi, G. (2023).  La coabitazione e l’autonomia abitativa dei migranti, chapter in ‘Coabitazioni solidali. Politiche, programmi e progetti’, (Giuliana Costa & Francesco Andrea Minora Ed.), Carocci Editore. Collana: Servizio Sociale.

“Noi ci siamo integrati e voi?” L’impegno sociale della collettività bangladese a Venezia. L’esperienza e l’attivismo della ‘Venice Bangla School’. Chapter in ‘In Propensioni, pratiche e percorsi del dono e della solidarietà. L'impegno solidale dei cittadini di origine immigrata al tempo del Covid e oltre’, (Maurizio Ambrosini & Deborah Erminio Ed.), (in press).

With Marconi, G. (2023). "Casa e Abitare in Veneto per le persone con background migratorio”. Research Report, Cattedra Unesco SSIIM, Iuav University, Venice. ISBN: 9788831241625.

With Marconi, G., (2022). Fuori dalla porta: la precarietà abitativa dei migranti in Veneto, tra discriminazione (istituzionale) e pratiche dal basso. (external link)  Archivio di studi urbani e regionali: 134, 2, Franco Angeli, Milano.