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Lab hours vary throughout the year. Normal hours for KHW71 during the academic year are Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to midnight. Each term, the lab hours are posted on lab hours page.

All Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) students, faculty and staff can use the labs. To use the general Academic Computing labs you need an active my.torontomu account. For more information on obtaining a my.torontomu account see Activating your TMU online identity.

Use your my.torontomu username in the Username field and your password in the Password field. Domain field should be already populated with “AC” and does not need to be changed.

When you are finished using one of the lab workstations, you must log off. This prevents other people from using your account. To log out, click on the Log Off icon of the Start menu.

Speak to an Advisor in the KHW71 lab or at the library reference desk located on the 2nd floor of the Library. Bring valid photo ID, preferably your TMU Student ID card. Password changes may take an hour to take effect.

Change your account passwords often for security. To change your password see the section on changing your my.torontomu password.

Please refer to Software Available in ACS Labs for a complete list of all software available in both labs.

Advisors are available to assist users in KHW71 and will typically provide:

  • help starting and quitting applications;
  • assistance obtaining printed output from applications;
  • help with problems opening and saving data files;
  • troubleshooting of workstation hardware and operating system problems;
  • pointers to available documentation including: manuals, on-line help where available, and other printed help materials.

Advisors will not do academic work and are not expected to provide "how-to" assistance with all applications. On occasion, if an advisor knows an application and has time, that advisor may provide some application support. Please do not expect that your application "how-to" questions will regularly be answered. Advisors will not answer questions regarding assignments or projects. Please refer these to your professor, teaching assistant, or department.

You can bring food and drink in the KHW71, KHW71F, KHW71A, KHW71B, KHW71C, KHW377, KHW379 labs, but with certain restrictions. Cold, 'finger' food and bagged lunches can be eaten in them, but please consume hot food that emits odours elsewhere. Respect others by disposing of waste and recycling in the appropriate bins. Users may be asked to leave if they do not adhere to these policies.

Inquiries about Academic Computing labs should be submitted to