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Lab Layouts

As of July 1, 2023, CCS permanently closed two general-purpose teaching and drop-in computer labs: KHW-377 and KHW-379.

These labs are no longer available for bookings.

General-Purpose Teaching and Drop-In Computer Labs

Map of LIB393 lab
Map of KHW71A lab
Map of KHW71C lab

General-Purpose Drop-In Only Labs

Other general purpose drop-in systems are dispersed throughout the library (near the elevators) on floors five to nine.

Map of LIB386L lab
Map of KHW71F lab
Map of KHW71 lab

Specialized Labs

Access to W71B lab is restricted to students taking courses that are booked into them.

Map of KHW71B lab

Note: CCS operates the KHW71G (52 seats) computer lab under contract to the Faculty of Community Services. The lab may only be booked for any course in the Faculty of Community Services.  Only students and faculty of Schools in the Faculty of Community Services may use this lab; other students will find their accounts are not valid on the workstations in KHW71G.