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Job Search Resources

We have gathered together job search resources and websites to make it easier for you to look for work on- and off-campus. Whether you are looking for a part-time job during school, a summer internship, or your first job post-graduation, these resources are here to help you save time, increase your career connections, and narrow down your job search.

Network with employers that we invite on campus. Attend our workshops and events to learn skills and meet new people. Learn about on-campus job opportunities. Access a variety of job boards for off-campus job searches.

Jobs On Campus

We have information about Career Boost positions and other on-campus employment opportunities right here!

Jobs Off Campus

Find job boards by industry, check out Toronto Met's job board Magnet, and look at boards for equity-seeking identities.

Meet Employers

Meet and network with the wide variety of employers we invite on campus every year to discover potential employment opportunities and learn from their experience.

Attend a Workshop or Event

Strengthen your job search skills and widen your network by attending one of our many workshops and events.