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Want to book a free appointment with a Student Success Navigator?

Simply login to your account in our registration system (external link) .

First time on our booking system?

Follow these steps to create an account before you search for an appointment:

  1. Visit the login page for our registration system (external link) .
  2. Click on “Sign Up”.
  3. Complete the registration form (be sure to use your email address).
  4. The system will send you an email. Follow the link to reset your password.
  5. Log in, and book your appointment by clicking “Book New Appointment”.

Tip: Make sure you include “” at the end of your log-in name.

Tips for Booking a 1:1 Appointment

One-on-one appointments are highly popular and can be difficult to book during busy times of the year. If you are having difficulty booking an appointment online, and are in urgent need of an appointment, please contact the Career, Co-op & Student Success Centre front desk for assistance at 416-979-5177 or via email at

Appointments for the week ahead are released every Friday by 12 noon. If you are unable to book appointments while logged-in, chances are that there are no available appointments for the current week, and appointments for the following week have not been released yet. 

Please note the following when viewing the appointment schedule online:

  • A blank box means that no appointments have been released from that consultant. 
  • A grey box indicates a booked appointment by someone else. 
  • A green box indicates an available appointment that you may book.

Meet the Student Success Team

With over 100 services available to you at TMU, the Student Success Navigators can connect you to the ones that you need to meet your goals.

Headshot of Annabelle

Annabelle De Jesus (she/her) 

Student Success Navigator

  • To me, student success means: Individual fulfillment and happiness on and off-campus. Finding your people to build a network of care.
  • In my first year, I wish I knew more about: Budgeting while making the most of the campus/city.
Headshot of Annabelle

Jama Bin-Edward (she/her)  

Student Success Navigator

  • To me, student success means: Learning about yourself and the things you care about and want to achieve in your time as a student. Success isn’t defined by your grades but your ability to grow and learn academically and personally.
  • In my first year, I wish I knew more about: Exploring different parts of the city!
Headshot of Sofia

Sofia Lydiatt (she/her)

Student Success Navigator

  • To me, student success means:  Finding a sense of purpose and fulfillment in your career while developing a skillset to perform in your field. Ultimately, success is a personal experience of wellbeing and contentment with where we are in life, understanding that it is subjective and not permanent in time.
  • In my first year, I wish I knew more about: Building meaningful connections with classmates and professors. It’s as important as your grades. Enjoy the experience of learning!
Headshot of Sofia

Simran Rattan (she/her)

Student Success Navigator

  • To me, student success means: Making progress, gaining knowledge and acquiring experience in any aspect of your life. 
  • In my first year, I wish I knew more about: How to achieve work/life balance; jobs on campus; and that your journey is going to look different from others.
Headshot of Sofia

Caroline Smolko (she/her)

Student Success Navigator

  • To me, student success means: Feeling empowered to plan for and work towards the future you dream of, no matter what that looks like. 
  • In my first year, I wish I knew more about: All the great student groups and opportunities that TMU has to offer! Postsecondary is more than just focusing on academics.

Have questions about what campus programs, services and activities are available?  Talk to a Navigator and get connected to the resources you need.  (google form) Contact us (external link) .

Headshot of Alyssa

Allysa Martinez (she/her)

Associate Director,
Student Success

  • To me, student success means: Exploring all of the opportunities available to you and deciding what you want or need in order to make the most out of your university experience. 
  • In my first year, I wish I knew more about: How to balance family expectations and responsibilities with academic, social and life responsibilities.
Headshot of Michael

Michael Liew (he/him)

Student Navigation

  • To me, student success means: Feeling confident and capable and that you have what you need to pursue your goals.
  • In my first year, I wish I knew more about: Finding the courage to get out there, make friends, have new experiences, and realize that others were just as nervous and unsure about “how to university” as I was!