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Apply for Co-op

With the exception of the chemical engineering co-op program, admission to optional co-op programs is competitive. The optional co-op programs are admissions based academic programs. You must be admitted into co-op prior to applying for co-op jobs. Co-op admission applications are only open to students that have just completed their first year. You can apply and be admitted based on your cumulative grade point average (CGPA) and available space in the program. Some programs may require additional information such as a resume and/or a statement of interest, and a meeting with the Faculty Advisor and/or Co-op Program Specialist as part of the admission evaluation process.

In addition, you must have a clear academic standing and meet the stated minimum CGPA at the end of the second semester. To stay in the co-op program, you must maintain a clear academic standing and meet the minimum CGPA requirement.

Where differences exist between information on this site and the current Toronto Met calendar, the information provided in the current calendar shall take precedence.

The 2023 co-op admissions application period will start on Monday, May 1st, 2023 at 8:30 am and ends on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023 at 11:59 pm.

Note: There is only one admission period in 2023. 

All students must complete first-year courses in order to be eligible for co-op. Exceptions may be granted by your Faculty Advisor.

The co-op admissions process is outlined below for all programs except architectural science* and chemical engineering co-op programs.

*Note: The architectural science program has its own co-op admission process, whereby the 40 students with the top CGPA during the first two (2) years of study are conditionally admitted into the co-op stream. Of these 40, the first 32 that secure a contract for their first work term are then officially admitted into co-op.

With the exception of Faculty of Arts co-op programs, students admitted into co-op for 2023 year will undertake our onboarding program to be job ready for roles in Summer 2024, with co-op job applications typically starting in January 2024.

Faculty of Arts co-op students admitted into co-op will take a mandatory for-credit course for job readiness, SSH 104 Co-op Program Preparation, while applying for roles throughout Fall 2023, with co-op job start dates typically beginning in January 2024.

Faculty of Science co-op students are strongly encouraged to take SCI 200 - Professionalism in Science, as it will equip you with knowledge, skills and tools to support your success in your co-op work terms. If you have a core course that conflicts with SCI 200 and you are unable to attend this course, please prioritize your core courses for Fall 2023. Biology co-op students are advised to consult with their Program Director or Faculty Advisor before enrolling in SCI200 to ensure that the course fits within their progress in the program.

Co-op admissions are only open in the spring, with specific dates published each year. The typical application period is between 15 and 20 days. 

To apply to the Co-op Program, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a profile on the Co-op Portal, opens in new window. You will need to hover over the word “Students” at the top right of the landing page and select “Apply to Co-op” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Please select the Fall 2022 program (this reflects your year of entry into Toronto Met)
  3. Click on the “Co-op” tab on the left and complete the required admission criteria
  4. As part of your application you are required to submit documents including:
    1. Resume
    2. Letter of Intent (Should be about one page in length, and no more than 800 words with a response to 3 questions)
      1. Why do you want to join the Co-op program?
      2. What steps will you take to ensure success in the program?
      3. How will Co-op help you with your future career?
    3. Unofficial Transcript

Application forms will be visible during admission periods only.

For detailed steps on how to create your application, including information on documents to be submitted, please see our  (google doc) Co-op Admission Manual (external link) .

Application deadline: Thursday May 23rd, 2023 at 11:59 pm

The Career, Co-op & Student Success Centre, along with the Faculty Advisor for each program, will review all student applications and eligibility for co-op and notify successful candidates via email.

The evaluation process takes 7- 9 weeks.

If you are notified that you have been successfully admitted to the co-op program you applied to,you must reply and accept your offer of admission to co-op through the Co-op Portal. You can accept your offer by completing the required student agreements and submitting an Academic Plan Change Form to the co-op stream. As an important note, students who do not respond to their co-op offer within the allotted time frame may not be able to proceed with the co-op program.


For students in the co-op program, co-op fees are additional fees on top of your school tuition and incidental fees. Co-op fees finance the administration of Toronto Met co-op programs and are calculated in accordance with the policies of Toronto Metropolitan University and of the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

For more information about fees, you can read more on the “Fees” tab on the How Co-op Works page.

Plan Change

The Registrar’s Office will be updating accounts with the Plan Change Forms over the Fall term which you will see reflected in your MyServiceHub account.


If you access OSAP, please update the OSAP office after January 1st about your co-op status and have your OSAP reassessed.

Next Steps

The Co-op Team will communicate the Fall Co-op Symposium date, your Peer Advisor, and more!  


All students must complete first-year courses in order to be eligible for co-op. Exceptions may be granted by your faculty advisor.


Minimum CGPA requirement at the time of application*

Resume, Letter of Intent, Current Transcript and Online Form Submission

Architectural Science

Top 32 Students





Biomedical Sciences






Computer Science

2.8 (3.0 to stay in the program)





Financial Mathematics






Mathematics and Its Applications



Medical Physics



Occupational Health & Safety



Philosophy 2.67 Yes

Politics and Governance



Public Health & Safety






*CGPA requirements may fluctuate from year to year. You are advised to contact the co-op staff or the faculty advisor for your program for current GPA information. Space in the co-op option is limited and subject to competition. Grades above the minimum may be required for admission.

Did you know that 60% of Toronto Met students who complete our co-op programs receive a full-time job offer before graduation? 

Research shows that post-secondary students who graduate with co-op experience have a competitive edge over their peers, by finding work more easily and receiving higher wages upon graduation. This is an important consideration in our current labour market climate, which will impact new grad jobs for years to come.

Top reasons to choose Co-op:

  1. Gain professional work experience in your field of study
  2. Discover your strengths, interests and goals in a safe learning environment 
  3. Earn money to help offset the costs of your education
  4. Build a valuable network of contacts and references
  5. Improve your academic learning
  6. Build skills and competencies to add to your resume
  7. Increase your chances of getting hired upon graduation

How the Co-op Team supports you:

  1. Preparing you for the labour market and job search (creating targeted resumes and cover letters, interview preparation)
  2. Exclusive co-op opportunities for your program on the Co-op Portal 
  3. Competency development resources to leverage your technical and professional skills 
  4. Ongoing coaching and support while you are on a Work Term

Hear what other Co-op students are saying about the program:

"From professional references when applying to Masters programs to career mentors, Co-op helped foster relations that are core to my development."  Victoria M., Biology

"Coming from a program like mathematics with innumerable different career pathways, co-op has opened doors to opportunities I never knew existed."  Ben C. , Financial Mathematics

"Now, looking back, I am grateful that I applied to co-op. The program has helped me develop business-related skills and more. I believe that I am capable of starting a business of my own that will make an impact in our world."  Deborah M., Computer Science

“Graduating with co-op at Toronto Metropolitan University gives you a competitive advantage. The co-op terms provided not only substantial experience professionally but also allowed me to forge long-lasting connections and meet many amazing, experienced, and nurturing people. I discovered so many new aspects of Public Health and various career paths unknown to me and this insight is invaluable.”  Svitlana B. - Public Health & Safety

“Co-op has immensely heightened my education and has helped my professional growth. I now have relevant work experience directly in my field of study well before graduation. My co-op experience has given me the chance to explore different industries and workplace dynamics in occupational health and safety. co-op has given me confidence and a competitive edge in my future career goals".  Raisham S. - Occupational  Health & Safety

"I have enjoyed all of my co-ops and learned something new at each workplace. Being a part of the co-op program has provided me with many benefits including helping  me with future career choices, improving my soft skills, an advantage in classes and helping me build my professional network of contacts."  Jessica F.- Public Health & Safety

"Applying to co-op was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. In fact, it was a significant reason for me going to Toronto Met at all. I’ve made many connections that will support me in the future of my career. Additionally, my work in co-op developed my interpersonal, presentation, and time management skills; I went from being super shy to being confident and able to present in front of large crowds. If you have the opportunity to enter into the co-op stream DO IT! Take my word for it- you won’t regret it.” Hallah K. - Public Health and Safety

What our employers are saying about co-op:

“In my experience with Toronto Met co-ops, spanning the last 4 years, we’ve seen very strong candidates during the interview process and have been very fortunate to have strong team players join us. In my case, we’re able to expose these students to world-leading technology implementations focused on addressing emerging regulatory requirements to improve the Pharmaceutical supply chain.  Being supported by mature, informed, and experienced hungry students has been very beneficial to us.” Stephen Coady, Program Manager, Apotex Inc (external link) .

Sample of companies we work with:


Canada Revenue Agency


City of Toronto

Ceridian HCM Inc.

Ernst & Young

Environment and Climate Change Canada



Kensington Health Centre

St. Michael’s Hospital 

Region of Peel 

Sanofi Pasteur

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB)

Ontario MPP Constituency Offices

Our Kids Media


Have questions? Please find a list of FAQs here.

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to us with your admissions questions at Kindly specify your program of study so that we can direct email accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Attend a Co-op Discovery/Information Session to learn more about the program and how to apply. During these sessions, you will hear from the Co-op Program Specialist, Co-op Faculty Advisor, and senior co-op students on the significant benefits of the Co-op Program, including earning while you learn, exciting professional opportunities, and a head start on jobs after graduation. We’ll also confirm important dates, deadlines, and requirements for the co-op application process.

The 2023 co-op admissions application period will start on Monday, May 1st, 2023 at 8:30 AM and ends on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023 at 11:59 PM.

Students in all programs (except chemical engineering & architectural science) apply at the end of 1st year. Exceptions may be granted by your Faculty Advisor.

Architectural science students qualify at the end of 3rd year.


If you miss the  deadline, you will be unable to apply to co-op. Unfortunately, we do not accept late applications

You are required to submit the following with your application:

  1. Resume
  2. Letter of intent - answers to three questions
  3. Unofficial transcript

There are tips in our  (google doc) Admissions Manual (external link)  on how to write your application but we also strongly encourage you to attend a “How to Write a Strong Co-op Application” webinar for your program/faculty. Dates and registration links are provided in the Attend a Co-op Information Session above and you will be notified via your TMU email. .

You can also seek help from your Career Education team by booking a 1:1 appointment or attend other webinars to get further assistance with your application.

Your letter of intent should be about one page in length, and no more than 800 words.

Note: For Arts students, your letter of intent is completed within the application fields on the Co-op Portal.

Yes, you can still apply to the Co-op program but please indicate your plan to complete these required courses. Your application will be assessed taking into account all factors, including your missing courses and plans for completing them.

Transfer students from TMU or alternate institutions can apply to the co-op program. At the time of admission, you will be asked to indicate if you have transferred from another program at TMU, or another institution, and elaborate on your situation with transfer credits, etc. Due to co-op work term schedules, please be advised that students who are too far ahead in their academic program at the time of application to the co-op program will be unable to participate in the co-op program. Transfer students will be assessed in the same way as other students and must meet all other eligibility criteria for their program including CGPA, completed first year courses, and resume, cover letter, letter of intent.

Yes, you can still apply to the Co-op program if you have not yet completed all of your first year. Please provide as much information as possible (including your reason for not completing all of your first year, your plan to complete these courses, etc) and we will assess your application taking into account all factors.


Yes, you can still apply to the Co-op program if you have completed more than your required first year courses. Your application will be assessed taking into account all factors, including if you are too far ahead in your academics to qualify for the program.

Unfortunately, co-op is only open to students who have completed first year and are not yet in second year. With the exception of Architectural Science starting in third year, this means that if you are in your second, third, or fourth year you are not eligible to become a co-op student. 

You can still access TMU’s Career and Co-op programs like our Job Search resources and you can reach out to our Career Education Team for a 1:1 appointment to discuss other ways to gain career-related work experience during your academics. 

Once decisions have been made, you will be notified in the Co-op Portal and via email. Unfortunately, if you are not accepted there is no other opportunity to apply. That said, we encourage you to seek out other work integrated learning opportunities via the CC&SS.

Admissions criteria are different for each program but, in general, CGPA plays an important role in determining a student’s eligibility for the Co-op program.

Due to the degree requirements and time to completion necessary for these programs, students in the Faculty of Arts must choose to EITHER couple major OR do Co-op; they cannot do both. This is an executive decision made by the Office of the Dean of Arts and no exceptions can be made.