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Get involved and make a change

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TRSM goes way beyond what you learn in the classroom

Make lifelong professional and personal connections by joining one of the Ted Rogers Students’ Society’s 30 student groups, or one of the almost 100 student groups university-wide. Student groups are the heart and soul of TRSM, giving the hallways a consistent energy that you won’t find at any other school and holding hundreds of events every year.

Gain experience and skills through exciting networking events, case competitions, community initiatives and innovative experiential learning challenges.

From course unions dedicated to finance, retail, and real estate to interest groups focusing on sports and business and corporate social responsibility, there’s a student group for everyone at TRSM.

Canada’s first Changemaker Campus

Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Toronto Metropolitan University) is Canada’s first Ashoka Changemaker Campus, joining an international network of universities and colleges committed to solving real-world problems in new and creative ways.

Ashoka U

Challenge yourself to make a difference

Why wait until you graduate to start making a difference in the world?

TRSM students have a long history of using business education and entrepreneurship to drive innovation and make real social change in our local community and around the world.

TRSM students are continuously involved in projects that have societal impact on local, national and global levels. They embrace a collaborative, entrepreneurial approach to business education, valuing diversity and striving to make society a better place.

Global reach, global impact

The Ted Rogers School of Management has many different types of opportunities for students around the world to enrich their learning experience, including International Exchange and Study Trips. Student projects are making a difference and building businesses around the world.

International exchange

Learn a new language, immerse yourself in a new culture and take a unique adventure, all while advancing your business studies and preparing for a rewarding career. Studying in another country can be a fantastic complement to your TRSM business education.