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Toronto Metropolitan University campus

Get involved. This is your campus.

Get involved in things that interest and inspire you! Discover the wealth of opportunities available to you both on campus and in the community. You’ll be able to meet new people, share your skills and develop new ones, add to your resume while giving back to the community all while playing an important, active role in the broader Toronto Metropolitan University community.

The  (PDF file) Arts Ambassador Program is a 4 stage program that focuses on personal, professional and academic development through experiential learning. The program has 4 stages:

Stage 1: Transition (for first year students only)
             Focusing on the transition into University, this stage is an extended orientation opportunity for students that connects them to services and resources on campus. This stage allows students to set up their university network in order to achieve personal and academic success in their time at TMU.

Stage 2: Engagement
             This stage focuses on student life and campus engagement. TMU is full of enriching programs, student clubs and extracurricular programs. There are work and volunteer opportunities for students. There are opportunities to network and work with students from other faculties. This stage of the Arts Ambassador Program encourages students to make the most out of all that is available to them. Getting involved on campus not only helps one develop personally, but studies show that students who are engaged do well academically too!

Stage 3: Preparation
             By the time a student reaches stage 3, they have had the opportunity to experience much of what TMU has to offer. They are familiar with services and resources and have a wealth of knowledge themselves. In stage 3, we focus on presentation and facilitation skills in order to prepare students to become student leaders on and off campus. We also work on their professional skills to set them up for success when they begin looking for employment opportunities.

Stage 4: Leadership
              Finally, stage 4 students take on the leadership role in the Arts Ambassador Program. They apply the skills that they learned in the program and in their past few years at TMU and share their knowledge with others. This gives students the opportunity to use their learned skills, reflect on their learning and make a difference in the experience of other students in the community. Coupled with other professional development and networking opportunities, this stage aims to help prepare students for their post-graduation life.

The Arts Ambassador Program works in collaboration with the TMU Career and Co-Op Center, The Student Experience Center, Tri-Mentoring, Student Life, The Society of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities and other campus departments. This brings student life professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table to help Arts Ambassadors get the most out of their University experience while maintaining a strong Arts focus and sense of community.

At the end of each stage, students receive a certificate of completion.

For more information, email the Student Liaison Administrator Avala Moore at (opens in new window) .

 (PDF file) Download the Arts Ambasador Program brochure.


The Society of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (SASSH) represents all undergraduate Faculty of Arts students at Toronto Metropolitan University. Founded in 2015, SASSH is a student-led group that was formed to promote community within the Faculty of Arts, to create an environment where arts students can thrive in their field of study as well to give them a stronger voice within Toronto Metropolitan University and the Greater Toronto Area.

The SASSH mandate is to represent, promote, and enhance the Faculty of Arts and all respective programs and to strive to protect the best interests of its members. They encourage activities and events that will enhance the educational, professional, and co-curricular experience to its members and contribute to the educational values of the University; encourage all members to become active participants in SASSH and University affairs and afford opportunity and a forum for the expression of opinions upon all questions bearing on or affecting their educational and co-curricular interests; and encourage equity and fairness for all members within the Faculty of Arts, as well as within the University and to ensure all members’ rights are protected as individuals in their education and co-curricular activities.

For more information on SASSH, or how to get involved, please visit their website: (external link) 

Course Unions

Similar to SASSH, the Course Unions represent Faculty of Arts students. However, they focus on the representation of students from their specific program. Each Course Union hosts discipline related events, liaises between their students and their department and between their students and SASSH. They are responsible for making sure that the voices of their programs’ students are heard and that information from their departments that is relevant to students reaches their membership. Many Course Unions do this in collaboration with SASSH.

The Faculty of Arts has 12 Course Unions and they are for the following programs:

  • Arts and Contemporary Studies
  • Criminology
  • English
  • Environment and Urban Sustainability
  • Geographic Analysis
  • History
  • International Economics and Finance
  • Language and Intercultural Relations
  • Philosophy
  • Politics and Governance
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

French for All  / Empowering French language learners at Toronto Metropolitan University by developing their spoken French through social events. 

Women of Colour in Law / Empowerment in Diversity, Diversity in Law

TMU Women in Law / WILaw aims to combat the gender inequalities within the legal profession by supporting and empowering aspiring women and LGBTQ+ members in law

Innocence TMU/ Affiliate Group providing Toronto Metropolitan undergraduate students with opportunities to raise awareness and get involved with Innocence Canada

Bhakti Yoga Club / Rooted in Bhakti, love, mindfulness, service, community, spirituality, mental & physical health

Learn more about these student groups here (external link) .


The Tri-Mentoring Program strives to assist TMU's culturally diverse student body in their pursuit of personal goals, academic achievements and career success. The Tri-Mentoring Program aims to assist students at all levels of study in successful achievement of their goals.

Through meaningful relationships with fellow students, industry professionals and the community at large, Tri-Mentoring supports the unique needs of Toronto Metropolitan University ’s culturally diverse student body. All participants will benefit from the opportunities to grow as a student and a person through guidance, communication, leadership and a supportive community.

Sign up to become a mentor or a mentee today at (external link) 



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