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Our People

Office of the Dean of Arts

The Faculty of Arts at Ryerson relies on the dedicated contributions and talents of a diverse and collaborative team of faculty leaders and dynamic administrators. Our team also includes distinguished visiting professors and community partners. Together, we work toward a shared goal: create Canada's most forward-thinking Faculty of Arts by advancing the social sciences and humanities in new and unexplored ways.

Paul Moore

Dr. Patrizia Albanese
Associate Dean of Arts,
Research & Graduate Studies

Dr. Amy Peng

Dr. Amy Peng
Associate Dean of Arts
Innovation in Teaching and Learning

Dr. Mélanie Knight, Faculty of Arts, Ryerson University

Dr. Mélanie Knight
Advisor to the Dean, Blackness and Black Diasporic Education


Dr. Kathleen Kellett
Associate Dean of Arts, Undergraduate Studies


Hayden King
Advisor to the Dean,
Indigenous Education


John Beebe
Advisor to the Dean,
Democratic Engagement

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