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Department Group Work

At the Department of Architectural Science, our professors, undergraduate and graduate students collaborate with each other—and with other Ryerson departments—on prominent projects and competition teams.

The Banff Frank Lloyd Wright Pavilion

Seven Ryerson professors will draw the plans reconstructing Frank Lloyd Wright’s vision of the Banff Pavilion. For 25 years, the pavilion stood on the bank of the Bow River, a testament to Prairie style and social functionality. However, after over two decades of detrimental freezing and flooding, it was demolished. The site stood vacant and unpurposed for the next 78 years, until a team of Ryerson University professors entered a bid in the FLW Revival Initiative.

Faculty: Prof. Hitesh Doshi, Dr. Zaiyi Liao, Dr. Albert Smith, Dr. Paul Poh, Prof. Yew-Thong Leong, Dr. Kendra Schank Smith, Dr. Ramani Ramakrishnan

Banff Pavilion
the Tripix installation

Ice Breakers 2019: Tripix

Installation for the 2019 Ice Breakers, external link, opens in new window outdoor art exhibition, dislayed near HTO Park East along the Queens Quay. Tripix is one of only five installations chosen, and has been subsequently displayed at Nathan Philips Square. Tripix brings the idea of the ocular-centric experience of architecture to light through the faceted reflective interior condition.

Students: Zeenah Mohammed Ali, Thomas Gomez Espina, Tatiana Estrina, Vivian Nyachira Kinuthia, Florencio IV Tameta, Gloria Zhou
Faculty: Prof. Vincent Hui
Design Advisors: Filip Tisler, Frank Bowen, Jason Ramelson, Vincent Hui

Winter Stations 2018: NEST

Installation for the fourth annual Toronto Winter Stations, external link, opens in new window design competition displayed along the East Beaches. Each year, Winter Stations contestants must follow a particular building theme. With its colourful web-like exterior and calm interior, NEST explores ideas of comfort within a system of disorder.

Students: Henry Mai, Adrian Chîu, Arnel Espanol
Faculty: Prof. Vincent Hui

NEST Winter Station
A photo and diagram of ZeroHouse


ECOstudio is a collaboration between students and faculty from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Architectural Science, and the Ted Rogers School of Management. ECOstudio’s mission is to address the need for affordable, sustainable mid-rise urban housing through research, design and prototyping.

Students: Jamie Fine, Matthew Ferguson, Danilo Yu, Brandon Wilbur, Joshua Goodfield, Tamoril-Dembeck Kerekes, Cristina Mazza
Faculty: Prof. Cheryl Atkinson, Dr. Alan Fung, Dr. Phil Walsh
Endeavour Team Members (project partners): Chris Magwood, Shane MacInnes, Jen Feigin

King Street Installations

Ryerson and the City of Toronto collaborated on ShapeLab, an experiential learning opportunity with the King Street Transit Pilot. Department of Architectural Science students were part of three of the four winning teams: Imprint, Resonance, and Caravanserais.

Imprint Students: Jasper Leung, Annette Chan, Kaila Orr, Parth Gandhi, Parth Modi
Resonance Students: Shengnan Gao, Marwa Al-Saqqar, Janel Ellis, Merone Shifferaw, Dane J.Simpson
Caravanserais Students: Tristan Rouse, Alex Hardy, Kaitlyn Hundt, Fehn Foss, Alex Gaio
Faculty: Prof. Vince Hui

Department group working on king street installations
Immersive LED installation

Grow Op 2018: Stratum

An immersive, student-led installation for the sixth annual Gladstone Hotel Grow Op, an exhibition of art and design. Projects are designed to create immersive landscapes by engaging the audience’s sight, touch, hearing and taste.

Students: Tatiana Estrina, Jiaqi Liu, Thomas Gomez-Ospina, and Shengyu Cai, Shengnan Gao and Erin Pang
Faculty: Prof. Vincent Hui

Carrot City Canada

Carrot City Canada, a collaboration between students and faculty that explores how the design of cities, landscapes, buildings and gardens has been enabling the production of food in Canadian cities. By examining the intersection between urbanism, design and food, the exhibit demonstrates how design can be used to bring healthy food systems closer to home, showcasing projects and objects that challenge the urban-rural and form-function dichotomies.

Students: Please refer to the Carrot City Canada website for a full listing.
Faculty: Dr. June Komisar, Dr. Mark Gorgolewski, Dr. Joe Nasr, Vera Straka, Dr. Leila Marie Farah
Other Support: Sophie Augurusa, Frank Bowen, Samantha Chow, Prachi Khandekar, Noémie Monnier, Leo Roytman

Carrot City