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Smart Campus Integration and Testing Hub

The Smart Campus Integration and Testing Hub is a world-leading facility to advance Smart and Sustainable building research, supporting the Network of Living Campuses (NLC), a joint initiative of faculty members at eight universities across Canada. Established in 2016, with a mutual interest in the application of Building Information Modeling and Data Science, NLC aims to improve the performance of building portfolios (“campuses”) in operation through the study of University building campuses. Faculty at each participating university have ongoing research projects to use existing buildings (both on- and off-campus) to support Smart Building and related research—and have agreed to share their collected data and resultant applications with one another. While these existing projects provide an opportunity to gather substantial information on buildings in operation, there is a current lack of infrastructure to enable novel control strategies and Smart Building technologies to be tested; the proposed infrastructure will address this need.

The Smart Campus Integration and Testing Hub will be the world’s first 100% digitally-enabled building, integrating all building systems and services - heating & cooling, ventilation, lighting, building envelope, security, IT, and communications - so that they can be co-optimized. Accessible remotely through our robust and secure common data environment, this facility will support research to build better buildings for people and the planet. 

This facility is in pre-construction and it will support four lines of investigation for researchers:

  • Integrated Smart City and Smart Campus Management
  • Smart and Ongoing Commissioning and Optimized Asset Performance
  • Advance Building Energy Simulation Approaches
  • Human-Building Interaction and Improved Occupant Experience

  136 Dundas St E

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