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Dr. Leila Marie Farah

Leila-Marie Farah
Associate Professor
DPLG, MArch, PhD
416-979-5000 ext. 556490

Areas of Specialization

Urban ecology and design

Inclusive and healthy cities

Community participation and design

Integrated design


Year University Degree
2011 McGill University PhD
2006 McGill University MArch
2004 Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais DPLG

Selected Courses

Course Code Course Title
ASC 301 Design Studio II
ASC 403 Site Development and Planning
ARC 720 Architecture Studio
AR8016 Current Topics in Architectural Praxis


Leila Marie Farah is fascinated by the food network. Not the one on your TV. No, this network is often hidden from plain view. Yet it’s everywhere, and it sustains our lives. An academic focusing on ecology, design and inclusive cities, Farah’s award-winning research explores the different modes by which food moves from field to table to waste. “It is important that we understand the origin of our food,” she says, “and to link production and consumption areas through those food flows.”

Her case studies have spanned across cities and have ranged from grain silos, sugar refineries, distilleries, community gardens and markets to waste processing plants. Protein also interests her—including insects, which Farah believes can play an increasing role in our food systems.

No matter what food network she’s studying, Farah hopes her work will inspire us to reduce our environmental impact. “The more we know, the more informed our choices can be.”

Leila-Marie Farah

“We think of food as perishable, but it has a lasting impact on landscapes, neighborhoods and peoples’ lives.”

Selected Works

  • 2021: Dean's Scholarly Research and Creative Activities Award 2021. Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science.
  • 2019: Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Palmes académiques de la République française.
  • 2017: Merit award for excellence. International Making Cities Livable. Public places for community, democratic dialogue, health and equity. Entry: Edible Campus.Building communities. Co-recipients: Vikram Bhatt and Leila M. Farah.
  • 2017: Outstanding Papers & Design Works Award recipient, 26th International Union of Architects 2017 Seoul World Congress
  • 2015: Honorable mention. New York City Sky Condo international competition. Entry: Vivarium. Project leader.
  • 2012: Jonathan King Student Medal for Excellence in Architectural and Environmental Research. Architectural Research Centers Consortium, awarded by McGill University
  • 2006-2009: Dean’s Doctoral Student Recruitment Award, McGill University
  • 2008: National Urban Design Award in the urban fragments category, member of the lead team. Awarded jointly by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, the Canadian Institute of Planners and the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects. Entry: ‘Making the Edible Campus.’
  • 2010: Recognition at the Gala of Research on the Environment and Sustainability (Gala de reconnaissance en environnement et en développement durable de Montréal). Entry: ‘Le Jardin du Roulant.’ Member of the lead team.
  • 2008: Alvaro Ortega scholarship, McGill University
  • 2007: Collection Research Grant, Canadian Centre for Architecture
  • 2005: Norbert Schoenauer and David Farley Fellowship, McGill University
  • Farah, Leila M. and Samantha L. Martin. 2023. Mobs & Microbes: Global Perspectives on Market Halls, Civic Order and Public Health. Leuven: Leuven University Press.
  • Bhatt, Vikram and Leila Farah. 2016. “Cultivating Montreal: A brief history of citizens and institutions integrating urban agriculture in the city.” Urban Agriculture & Regional Food Systems. American Society of Agronomy and Crop Science Society of America Volume 1, issue 1: 1-12.
  • Farah, Leila. 2016. “Meatscapes: Spaces and processes associated to subsistence livestock.” CuiZine. The journal of Canadian food cultures. McGill University Library, Volume 7, issue. 2.
  • Farah, Leila and Michael Good. 2016. “Organics Shaped by and Shaping the Constructed Environment.” The international journal of the constructed environment. Volume 7, issue 1: 1-17.
  • Farah, Leila, Michael Good, Mark Gorgolewski and John Han. 2016. “Vivarium.” Landscapes I Paysages Magazine, Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, Naylor Publications vol.18. no.2: 46-47.
  • Bhatt, Vikram and Leila M. Farah (eds). 2009. Designing Edible Landscapes. Open House International. 34.2. London.