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Graduate Program in Architecture

Masters student presenting her architectural work to a room full of people

This is an exciting time in history. Technological growth, environmental shifts and increased global connectivity pose challenges and offer unprecedented opportunities. We need a new way of seeing the world—starting with an understanding of the critical role that architecture plays in creating a dynamic future.

The master of architecture (MArch) program will prepare you to create this future. Designed to strengthen your ability to think critically, act collaboratively and respond with impactful solutions, the two-year, five-semester program is framed by the intersecting program themes that are outlined below.

The program in architecture at Toronto Metropolitan University is fully accredited, for a six-year term, by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB).

Program Themes

We are faced with unprecedented environmental, economic, social and cultural challenges on a global scale. What can we do to ensure that our world is viable for future generations? How do we support and design a healthy, equitable future?

Technological developments in design such as digital fabrication, parametric design and mass customization have altered the practice of architecture. How can we harness and mobilize them for the future? Advances in building materials and construction methods have altered built form and the urban landscape. How will architecture propel culture and society into these new spheres?

Telecommunications, transportation, migration and trade networks are expanding in their global reach. What is the significance of community in a globally connected world? How does architecture respond to these profound social shifts? How can we investigate the increasingly charged relationship between the local and the global?

A group of students from the Toronto Met's Race to Zero team

Student Experience

You are so much more than your degree. In the MArch program, our graduate studio culture and our student collaborative opportunities, projects and exhibitions ensure that your time here is immersive and fulfilling. Visit our Student Experience page to learn more about what makes life here so unique.  

Alumni Spotlight

“My involvement in the construction of the Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex and the design development of the Metrolinx Regional Express Rail expansion has reaffirmed the belief that I gained at Toronto Met: that our built environment can help facilitate social change and improve quality of life.”

Andrew Chiu, Intern Architect at Perkins + Will
Architectural Science (MArch) '17

Andrew Chiu smiles in an bright office