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Graduate Programs in Architecture

Masters student presenting her architectural work to a room full of people

This is an exciting time. Technological growth, environmental shifts and increased global connectivity pose challenges and offer unprecedented opportunities. We need a new way of seeing the world—starting with an understanding of the critical role that architecture plays in advancing climate action, social justice, Indigenous rights, and cultural vitality.

Our graduate architecture programs prepare you to realize and reimagine this dynamic future.

The Master of Architecture (MArch) program is designed to strengthen your ability to think critically, act collaboratively and create impactful solutions. This two-year, five-semester program will launch your professional architecture career and prepare you for success in related fields.

The PhD in Architecture (PhD) program is for students wishing to make an original and significant contribution to disciplinary knowledge through design-driven research and creative scholarship. If you want a career in academia, advanced research, or progressive architectural practice, this three-year program is for you.

If you are interested in doctoral research on sustainable design, construction and building science, please consider applying to the PhD in Building Science program.

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*The MArch program at Toronto Metropolitan University is fully accredited by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB).

The PhD program at Toronto Metropolitan University is the only architecture doctoral program in Canada focused on design-driven research.

Which Degree is Right for You

The Master of Architecture (MArch) program is for students with pre-professional architectural studies and seeking an accredited degree as a step on the path to licensure. Students complete two studios, five core courses, two electives, two collaborative exercises, and a thesis. Graduates are prepared to excel in professional architectural practice and related fields.

The PhD in architecture (PhD) program is for MArch graduates with some experience in design, research or creative sectors, and seeking to enhance credentials and become leaders in their fields. Students participate in at least two seminars and work closely with a faculty supervisor to perform design-driven research that is critically evaluated at key milestones.

Program Themes

We are faced with unprecedented environmental, economic, social and cultural challenges on a global scale. What can we do to ensure that our world is viable for future generations? How do we support and design a healthy, equitable future? How can new technologies and a renewed respect for traditional wisdom foster responsible stewardship?

Technological developments in design such as artificial intelligence, digital fabrication, parametric design and mass customization have altered the practice of architecture. How can we mobilize these tools for a better future? Advances in building materials and construction methods are changing built form and the urban landscape. How will architecture integrate emerging technologies in ways that propel culture advancement and enhance human thriving?

Our world is increasingly united by digital communications, migration and trade networks, ecological precarity and resource scarcity. What is the significance of community in a globally connected world? How does architecture respond to profound social and political shifts? How can we investigate the increasingly charged relationship between the local and the global? How can architecture advance human rights and become a tool of peace, dignity and hope?

Architectural design is not only a form of professional practice but a mode of critical inquiry and knowledge production. How can design processes serve as both the subject and means of investigation? How are technical, artistic, social and epistemological changes affecting architectural design processes and outcomes? How can architectural work, in all its forms, be reimagined as interactive and experiential manifestations of cultural wisdom?

A group of students from the Toronto Met's Race to Zero team

Student Experience

You are so much more than your degree. In the MArch program, our graduate studio culture and our student collaborative opportunities, projects and exhibitions ensure that your time here is immersive and fulfilling. Visit our Student Experience page to learn more about what makes life here so unique.  

Alumni Spotlight

“As an alumnus and a Graduate student at TMU, I've found this program to be a haven for exploring my creativity. DAS' emphasis on freedom of thought and design expression allowed me to break boundaries and play with designs and concepts I've never imagined. Seeing my classmates thrive in the studio and produce amazing projects is inspiring. At the same time, the abundance of resources, from cutting-edge model-making technologies to a well-equipped library and knowledgeable instructors, empowers us to bring our visions to life. The supportive faculty and collaborative atmosphere make this journey even more fulfilling. DAS at TMU nourishes our architectural skills, nurtures our creative thinking, and pushes us to design outside the box. It's a place where I don't just design buildings but play and grow. I'm grateful to be part of this community celebrating boundless creativity.”

Anna Kosichenko, Architectural Science (MArch) Candidate

 Anna Kosichenko looking at the camera and smiling