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Document Upload: Common Questions

Information regarding the activation of your TMU Online Identity, as well as contact information, can be found on the Account page (

You already have a TMU Online Identity if you get the following message when you attempt to activate your account: "Activation is not available as your online identity has already been activated or you are not eligible for activation."

There may be a delay (up to 5-7 business days), particularly during busy periods, between when you upload your document(s) and when the respective items are indicated as “received” in your ChooseTMU portal account. System maintenance and downtimes may also keep your documents "outstanding" for longer than usual.

TMU will not be reviewing the image quality of uploaded documents as they arrive. It is your responsibility to preview all documents before uploading them, taking into consideration file size, image quality, etc.

If your uploaded document(s) is not clear, legible and/or acceptable, you will be notified at the time of application review, NOT at the time of upload. To ensure that your application is ready for review, we encourage you to preview all documents before uploading them and continue to monitor your ChooseTMU applicant account.

The file size restriction for uploading documents through the ChooseTMU Applicant Portal is 50 MB each (51,200 KB). To reduce the size of the file:

  • Lower the resolution (DPI) of the scanned image
  • Reduce the height and width of the scanned image
  • If available, reduce the quality of compression
  • Ensure that fonts are not embedded
  • We also recommend converting your file(s) to pdf to decrease the file size.

Undergraduate Admissions will make every attempt to match your document to the appropriate checklist item. If you made an error and wish to ensure that your documents are identified correctly, complete and submit the  (google form) Upload Help Form (external link, opens in new window) .

If there is a change made to your document(s) (e.g. there was an error or omission on the document, you have received updated interim/midterm results, etc.), you can complete and submit the  (google form) Upload Help Form (external link)  to make arrangements to update the revised document(s).

If you applied to TMU on an Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) 101 Application Form your grades will be submitted by your guidance office to the OUAC. If you wish to submit supporting documentation that may warrant special consideration you must complete the Special Consideration Form. You may attach documents to that form (e.g. medical documentation). Some TMU programs require a non-academic component such as an interview, audition, selection test, essay, portfolio, etc. in the selection process. The deadline date to submit non-academic requirements varies by program. Please visit the Grades-Plus Programs pages for specific non-academic requirements, submission dates and procedures.

If you have attended or are currently attending post-secondary studies for any length of time (including one course) you must arrange for the submission of your post-secondary transcript(s) to TMU, regardless of the application form you have used. These transcripts must be uploaded, sent via the OUAC, or submitted by mail/courier. If you omitted a post-secondary institution from your application, you MUST amend your application and include the missing information. The school(s) will be indicated in your ChooseTMU Applicant Portal within 5-7 business days of you updating your application.

If eligible, you are strongly encouraged to upload your transcripts. Uploading your documents saves the time, effort and expense of mailing transcripts and supporting documents to us during the initial processing and review of your application. It avoids delays normally incurred in the processing of paper documentation, allows you to associate your documents with the correct application and requirement, and assures you that your documents have been received. It can also speed up the review of your application so that you can obtain an admission decision sooner.

No. If you are a previously admitted and enrolled TMU undergraduate degree student you do not need to upload any transcripts that you previously provided (you may access the ChooseTMU Applicant Portal and indicate that your transcripts are on file). However, new/updated transcripts and supporting documents should be submitted and should reflect any/all changes since the previous submission.

Note: A new Supplementary Form may be submitted to support your current application(s). Review your ChooseTMU Applicant Portal to ensure that Undergraduate Admissions has received all required transcripts and supporting documents. Undergraduate Admissions will obtain grades for courses completed at TMU from Student Records and Operations Support.

You should upload all final and interim/midterm results that are available to you at the time of upload (shortly after applying for admission). Your transcripts should be a complete academic record with the institution’s name, your name, names and numbers of courses, credits, the grading scheme and the grades you have received, as well as courses you are enrolled in (if available).

If you wish to upload updated document(s), please complete and submit the  (google form) Upload Help Form (external link, opens in new window) . Please allow 48-72 hours for the request to be processed.

We encourage you to upload a grade report showing interim and/or final grades soon after you apply to TMU. We normally receive grades electronically from the Ministry in late spring which can delay the assessment of your application.

If you did not make these arrangements when you applied, you can upload your transcript via the ChooseTMU Applicant Portal. Some TMU programs will consider admission requirements (subject prerequisites) at the Secondary V level. If necessary to support your application, you may upload your Secondary V transcript via the ChooseTMU Applicant Portal.

No. Your documents cannot be uploaded by a third party (i.e. guidance counsellor, head master, agent, referee) at this time.

Most Grades-Plus Programs require the submission of non-academic materials via the ChooseTMU Applicant Portal. Please review the program page(s) for details about requirements and related submission instructions.

Yes, you can upload grades obtained from a self-serve high school web system (where available) and/or from a self-serve university/college web system (where available). All transcripts received via the ChooseTMU Applicant Portal are considered unofficial. If you are offered admission, you will then need to arrange for the submission of official transcripts (sent to us directly from the institution).

Yes, however all transcripts uploaded through the ChooseTMU Applicant Portal are considered unofficial.

You may upload these documents if they are available to you. You can attach these results to your high school transcript/grade report. Upload your transcript and these results as one document to fulfil the secondary school checklist item. Where the predicted IB/A Level/other results are confidential and not issued to the student, please have your school send paper copies of these results.

Yes. Your school’s grading scale should be uploaded with your transcript as one document. Grading scales may be found on the front or the reverse of a transcript, or in a separate document, such as a school profile.

Yes, you should attach your school’s profile, if available, to your transcript and upload it as one document. A school profile is an overview produced by the school and contains information regarding location and accreditation, curriculum, graduation requirements, class profiles, course offerings and grading system. 

Yes. A transcript in a language other than English must be accompanied by a certified/notarized, literal English translation. You can attach the translation to your transcript and upload it as one document.

No. Do not upload your course syllabi/descriptions with your transcripts. If required for review of your application, Undergraduate Admissions will contact you directly.

Review your ChooseTMU applicant portal to determine what documents have been received by Undergraduate Admissions. If it indicates that documents are still outstanding, you can upload copies of them to ensure your application is complete.

Do not mail or drop off duplicate copies of the documents that you have already uploaded to your application—doing so will slow down the review of your application.

Yes. You must upload your transcript(s) for each program you applied to.

Only documents listed in your ChooseTMU Applicant Portal can be uploaded. Complete and submit the  (google form) Upload Help Form (external link)  if you wish to upload documents that are not listed in your ChooseTMU Applicant Portal.

No. Do not make spelling changes to the schools listed on your application. This will delay the review of your application.

The schools listed in your ChooseTMU Applicant Portal are pulled directly from your application for admission. Therefore, if you omitted a school from your application, you MUST amend your application and include the missing information. The school(s) will be indicated in your ChooseTMU Applicant Portal within 5-7 business days of you updating your application.

Yes, you may upload the required documents, however you must also complete the appropriate Reconsideration of Admission Decision Form and attach the relevant documentation to the form. TMU will not automatically reconsider your application if/when you upload documents.

TMU will request official transcripts if/when required in an Offer of Admission. Transcripts are considered official when sent directly by the issuing school and/or agency. They generally bear an original seal/stamp and/or official signature from an appropriate signatory. The official documents must be received by Undergraduate Admissions by the deadline date(s) indicated in an official Offer of Admission.