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Official transcript submission

When you're admitted to Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), you may need to arrange for the submission of your official transcripts as a condition of your Offer of Admission.

If you applied through the OUAC (external link, opens in new window) , they can arrange to have your official transcripts sent to us from:

  • Ontario high schools
  • British Columbia high schools
  • Quebec CEGEPs
  • Ontario universities and colleges
  • Some British Columbia universities and colleges

Transcript submission questions

This is the entire transcript/report issued by your secondary school/Ministry of Education. This should be on school/ministry letterhead with a school stamp or seal and/or signature and contact information for a school official (e.g. guidance counsellor, principal or director).

This is a document issued by your academic institution. It’s a complete academic record with the institution’s name, your name, course names/codes, credit values, grading scheme, the marks you have received, as well as the graduation credential (if awarded) and official signature from an appropriate signatory (e.g. University Registrar).

Your grades are submitted to the OUAC by your guidance office. Check your OUAC account to ensure there are no errors or omissions and your diploma requirements have been met. It’s especially important to do this when final grades are issued and prior to the closure of schools for the summer. Amendments to your record must be made by your guidance counsellor via the OUAC.

If your Grade 11, Grade 12 and/or other studies were completed outside of Ontario, please arrange for the submission of these transcripts.

Check if electronic submission through the OUAC is available to you. If it’s not, you’ll need to make alternate arrangements to have your transcript submitted.

If you left a public Ontario secondary school within the past five years, you may be able to get your transcript from the last school you attended. Some school boards maintain records in a central office, so you may be referred to the board to get your transcript.

If you left a public school more than five years ago, or if the public school you attended is no longer in operation, you should contact the school board (external link, opens in new window) .

If a private secondary school you attended is no longer in operation, you should contact:

Private Schools and International Education Unit of the Ministry of Education

If you applied via the OUAC and have attended an Ontario university or college, please arrange for electronic submission of your official transcript by logging in to your OUAC application.

If you didn’t apply through the OUAC, make arrangements with your institutions to have your official academic transcripts sent to:

Attn: Undergraduate Admissions
Toronto Metropolitan University
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, ON  M5B 2K3

You don't need to submit official transcripts again if they’re already on file and complete. If you’ve enrolled in more courses, submit a new/updated official transcript. TMU grades will be obtained internally.

Note: Your ChooseTMU Applicant Portal may not reflect documents submitted in a previous year.

Official transcripts can be sent directly from the issuing institution to the following address:

Attn: Undergraduate Admissions
Toronto Metropolitan University
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, ON M5B 2K3

Official transcripts may also be emailed by a school official (e.g. guidance counsellor, headmaster, etc.) to:

Country and system specific submission instructions

Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) showing Class XII examination results, issued by a State Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education; original or copy certified by the school.

Interim Secondary: Results for all years of secondary school study (GCSE/O Levels and GCE/A Levels), including predicted final results sent by your college/university counsellor.

Final Secondary: Certifying Statement of Results/Confirmation of Results issued directly from Board/Exam Syndicate or copy of the official certificate certified by a school official (i.e. Guidance Counsellor, Headmaster, etc.) or Official Original Certificate issued directly from Board/Exam Syndicate.





Interim Secondary: Final CSEC results as well as your predicted final CAPE results at the time of application.

Final Secondary: Copy of official certificate issued by Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) that has been certified by a school official or Certifying Statement/Official Original Certificate issued directly from Caribbean Examination Council (CXC).

Please note: A Preliminary Results Slip not an official certificate and is not acceptable documentation of final results. As well, a school-issued transcript showing CSEC and/or CAPE results is not acceptable documentation of final examination results.

Interim Secondary

If you are a current high school student, you must submit the following via the ChooseTMU Applicant Portal:

  • A current academic transcript showing results for Senior 1, 2 and any Senior 3 mid-term/mid-year results available and the grading scale used.
  • A school profile should accompany your transcript, if available.
  • Senior High School (Upper Middle School) Graduation examination results (Huikao) if already written.
  • A letter indicating the date you will write the Gaokao and proof of registration (if available). If you do not intend on writing the Gaokao examination, you must submit a signed and dated letter providing the reason(s).

Final Secondary

  • A final, official academic transcript showing Senior 1, 2 and 3 results (and the grading scale used). This official transcript must be sent to us directly by the school.
  • The following verification reports via China Credentials Verification (CSSD-Parchment Portal Service (external link, opens in new window) ):
    • Verification Report of China Secondary Education Certificate (proof of graduation)
    • Verification Report of China High School Academic Proficiency Test (Huikao) Results
    • Verification Report of China College Admission Examination Scores (Gaokao) (if written)

Final Post-Secondary

If you are currently enrolled in, or previously completed studies at a college or university, you must submit the following:

Note for students that have attended:

  • Private international high schools for international and Chinese students
  • International divisions within public schools
  • International high schools for international students

Students that have attended the school types listed above must present:

  • A Chinese high school diploma recognized by the Chinese ministry/municipal department of education; and/or
  • Proof of graduation from an accredited international curriculum/school with permission to operate in China.

Final Secondary: if completed in Eastern European countries (i.e. Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, etc.) submit officially certified secondary school documents including a Certificate of Completion for General Secondary School Education as well as a Certificate of Maturity (if applicable in that country).

Final Post-Secondary: Study Book or official copy of the official record provided by the institution attended and Proof of graduation with a diploma/degree (if applicable).

Interim Secondary: All available bulletins from première and terminale. 

Final Secondary: French Baccalauréat (Baccalauréat Général, Option Internationale, Diplome de Bachelier de l'Enseignement du Second Degre).

Interim Secondary: Midterm/predicted marks and along with the academic record.

Final Secondary: West African Senior School Certificate Examination results (WASSCE) offered by the West African Examination Council (WAEC), preferably in the form of “Confirmation of Results” issued directly from the Council.

Please note: Applicants who have completed their WASSCE studies since 1993 may be requested to provide Scratch Card information in order to verify their examination results. Please visit the WAEC - Ghana website (external link)  for more details.

Interim Secondary: Results for Class/Standard X as well as interim/predicted final results issued by the school.

Final Secondary: One of the following official certificates showing Class/Standard XII results must be submitted by the state examination board or the All India (Central) Boards [Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) or the National Institute for Open Schooling (NIOS):

  • All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE)
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC)
  • Indian School Certificate (ISC)
  • Pre-University Examination Certificate
  • Intermediate Examination Certificate

Final Post-Secondary: official degree/diploma (if awarded) along with officially certified Statements of Marks issued by the university, not the affiliated college, (Mark Sheets, Memorandum of Marks) for every attempt at every examination (even if an examination was failed and retaken or if marks from an earlier examination or attempt appear on a later statement of marks).

Please note: Consolidated Mark Sheets are not official.

Final Secondary:

Current: officially certified high school transcript, graduation certificate and English translations

1997-2018: Officially certified secondary school transcript, Pre-University transcript and English translations

Before 1997: Officially certified transcript of National High School Diploma studies after 12 years, Certificate of Completion, Diploma and English translations.

Interim Secondary: results for all years of secondary school study, including predicted final results.

Final Secondary: the official transcript request form is available on the IB website (external link) .

Final Secondary: Matriculation Certificate (BAGRUT)

Final Secondary: Officially certified academic transcripts showing all courses completed and grades achieved for all three years of study and Certificate of Graduation.

Final Secondary: [i.e. General Secondary Education (Leaving) Certificate – Tawjihi/Tawjihiyah/Shahadat Al-Thanawiya-Al-A’ama] showing individual marks or grades achieved in each course/subject taken at the senior level (including failed grades if applicable).

Final Secondary: West African Senior School Certificate Examination results (WASSCE) offered by the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

Academic documents for graduates from 1999 onward should be issued and sent via the WAEC Digital Certificate platform.  

Go to the West African Examinations Council Digital Certificate (external link, opens in new window)  website and follow the steps for sharing your documents with Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). Click on the request for confirmation button and share your documents with

Please note: You do not need to enter TMU’s address in the institution address field. Instead, use the institution address field to enter your TMU Student Number.

Final Secondary: Higher Secondary Certificate Examination (HSSC) or Intermediate Examination documenting Standard XII results issued by the state board (i.e. Karachi State Board) or the federal board (i.e. Federal Board in Islamabad)

Final Post-Secondary: official degree/diploma (if awarded) along with officially certified Statements of Marks issued by the university, not the affiliated college, (Mark Sheets, Memorandum of Marks) for every attempt at every examination (even if an examination was failed and retaken or if marks from an earlier examination or attempt appear on a later statement of marks).

Final Secondary:
Attestat (Certificate of Completion of Secondary Education). Includes all results of final examinations and a transcript listing the grades achieved in all subjects studied. If the Unified State Exam (USE) has been written, the results should accompany the Attestat.

Final Post-Secondary:
Diploma of post-secondary education accompanied by a Supplement/Addendum to the Diploma (Prilozhenie k Diplomu which includes the list of subjects, number of hours, admission credentials, grades, professional practicum and results obtained in the final state examinations). The Supplement/Addendum to the Diploma is not valid without the corresponding Diploma.

Final Secondary: Certificate of Complete General Secondary Education + Addendum (Atestat pro Povnu Zagal’nu Serednyu Osvitu + Dodatok).

Final Post-Secondary: Diploma/Certificate earned along with the Addendum.

Please note: Applicants who attended a post-secondary institution but did not complete a program of study must arrange for the submission of the Academic Certificate (Akademichna Dovidka or Spravka).

Interim Secondary: Interim results and school profile (including accreditation statement, grading scheme, etc.).

Final Secondary: Officially certified academic transcript including graduation status and school profile (including accreditation statement, grading scheme, etc.). SAT and AP results should be sent directly from the College Board (TMU code 0886). ACT scores should be sent by ACT Institutional Services (TMU code 5166).

Final Secondary: Official academic transcript (Học Bạ Trung học phổ thông) showing Grade 10, 11, and 12 results along with Upper Secondary School Graduation Certificate (Bằng tốt nghiệp Trung học phổ thông) and Secondary School Graduation Examination Results (Kết quả Kỳ thi trung học phổ thông quốc gia).

Final Post-Secondary: Final secondary school documents as listed above, as well as official academic transcript(s) from the post-secondary institution(s) attended.

Additional information

If admitted, you’ll need to arrange for the submission of official transcripts. Your Offer of Admission will be contingent upon the receipt and verification of your official documents.

TMU won’t send reminders requesting required documents. It's important that you meet the the deadline dates in your official Offer of Admission.

All documents submitted to TMU become the property of TMU and won’t be returned.

All transcripts received via the ChooseTMU Applicant Portal are unofficial. TMU reserves the right to request official documents at any time during the application/admission process, and to rescind any Offer of Admission if discrepancies are found between unofficial and official documents.

You’re responsible for the submission of secondary and all post-secondary school transcripts, regardless of the date of completion and the country of origin. Make the necessary arrangements for submission of required transcripts at the time of application to ensure documents are received by applicable deadlines.

If your documents are in a language other than English, you must provide the documents in the original language, as well as certified/notarized literal English translations.

If your transcripts and/or other supporting documents show a name that differs from your application, submit proof of name change (e.g. marriage certificate, notarized statement, or other applicable legal document).

All documents are routinely verified. All statements on your application must be correct and complete. If you withhold, misrepresent, or fail to provide information, your application, admission and enrolment may be cancelled. Evidence of falsified documents will result in you being denied admission. If you’re admitted and falsified documents are subsequently discovered, your admission and enrolment will be cancelled. Information on falsified documents is shared with the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC).