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Summer School and Other Extensions

  • All fall 2023 applicants to Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), including those given an early or conditional Offer of Admission, are required to successfully complete all admission requirements by June 30, 2023 (unless otherwise stated in your official Offer of Admission).
  • In most cases, this excludes the possibility of using any summer school course(s) (including night school, e-school, and correspondence and/or distance education courses) to meet admission requirements.
  • This form is not available for applicants to the Faculty of Law.

If you have received and confirmed acceptance of an Offer of Admission, you may submit a request for a summer school extension to meet the academic conditions of your Offer.

Please note: extensions are not guaranteed. Extension decisions are based on overall academic performance and space availability. Your request will be responded to in a timely manner via your ChooseTMU applicant portal. Be sure to log in to view letters/documents issued to you.

If you have not been granted an Offer of Admission and your intention is to complete courses after June 30 to meet our competitive academic admission requirements, you may submit the summer school request form to advise our office of your enrolment. TMU will consider the summer school information in context with all other qualifications presented, and in consideration of space availability in the program. TMU may issue one of the following decisions:

  • a Wait List invitation
  • a denial for further consideration
  • an Offer of Admission
  • Students who are granted extensions beyond June 30, 2023 are required to submit all final, official transcripts, including graduation status, for studies completed by June 30th. An additional official transcript is required for all studies completed after June 30th.
  • Applicants will be informed by Undergraduate Admissions of their new conditional submission deadline date. All official transcripts must be submitted to Undergraduate Admissions by this new date.
  • All other Offer of Admission requirements, policies and procedures apply when granted a summer school extension, including the relevant dates for Offer confirmation, fee payments and any other submission dates.
  • TMU will cancel the admitted status of any student who does not comply with the deadline for submission of final grades. Final submission dates are strictly enforced. Students cannot enrol and/or start classes in September with outstanding admission condition requirements.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of courses completed by June 30, 2023. Courses completed after June 30th are not used for awarding scholarships under any circumstances, even if an extension has been granted to complete admission requirements after June 30th. Scholarship eligibility is not re-calculated based on summer school or other extensions.

Summer School Extension Request Form