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For MFA and Azure virtual lab setup, please use your email.

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  • Virtual labs are only to be used for coursework
  • You may only access one virtual lab computer at a time
  • Save your work while using the virtual labs. Data is wiped every 24 hours. You may save your work to either your virtual storage drive (V: Drive) or a local disk on your computer (C: Drive or USB)
  • Virtual Labs are not for everyone. You will only be granted access if one of your classes requires it
  • For Bloomberg labs, personal use of data extraction from the Bloomberg terminal is prohibited

TRSM Computer Labs

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Support Hours
Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Need to borrow a laptop for your school work?

Please fill out the  (google form) laptop request form (external link)  to find out if you are eligible.


Already have a laptop but need to renew your loan?


Please email to request an extension on your current laptop loan

  1. How to Connect to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

    Download links: 

    For Mac devices: (external link) 

    For Windows devices: (external link) 


    IMPORTANT: You need to have multi factor authentication (MFA) set up on your account. If you don’t have MFA on your account, please go to, click on Personal Account and navigate to "Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication". Please follow the steps here to configure MFA.

    If unable to download the desktop client, use the Web Client at (external link)  (however not all functionality is available)

    1. Install the Windows Desktop Client 
    2. Once installed, select “subscribe”
    3. Log in to Microsoft with your TMU email and password (Please use your email)
    4. Under TRSM_Workspace2, double click “TRSM Virtual Lab 2023-2024”
    5. Sign in to your TMU email and password again. 
    1. Install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app in the App store 
    2. Under the Workspaces tab, click “Add Workspace”
    3. Enter the following url: (external link)  in the “Workspace URL” field 
    4. Click “Add”
    5. Sign in with your TMU email and password (Please use your email)
    6. Under TRSM_Workspace2, double click “TRSM Virtual Lab 2023-2024”
    7. Enter TMU account information again, full email and password

    Drop-in Labs

    For classes using the virtual labs, you may use the virtual computers at any time.

    All students have access to the drop in lab in TRSM. This lab is located on the 3rd floor, room 3-154. This lab is accessible from 7:30am - 9:30pm Monday - Thursday, 7:30am - 6:30pm on Fridays,  and is closed on the weekends.

    Classroom Labs

    The other labs in TRSM (TRS 2-006, 2-154, 3-148, 3-150) are only accessible during your class times. Once your class is finished, you must leave to lab so that the next class has enough computers.