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Become a Fellow

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Become a Fellow, Take the first step

The SRFI wants to see what makes you unique and how you will make a mark on the future of fashion. 

In order for us to identify the most promising talent, we are in search of designers who do not fit the mold, who want to carve out their own path in the industry, who have something to say with their design.

Being a perfect fit for the SRFI is about striking a balance. It's one part "what you can bring to our vibrant community?" and another part "what can the SRFI do for you?"

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The Selection Process

Step 1: Application Package

Applicants submit an introduction video, manifesto, portfolio, and resume. If you're right for right now, the SRFI will invite you to step 2, the Interview. 

Step 2: The Interview

A one hour, conversation-style interview with the Selection Committee. It's time to dive deeper, tell us what really motivates you, and explain how the SRFI will help you get closer to your end goal.

Step 3: The Invitation

Based on feedback from the Selection Committee, the SRFI will invite successful applicants to become a Fellow. 

The Fellowship

Fellows who are invited to join The Suzanne Rogers Fashion Institute will navigate a 12-month term and receive mentorship and funding valued up to $20,000 CAD

Who's Eligible?

Recent graduates of the TMU Fashion Design program. 

Introduction Video (60-90 seconds)

The introduction video should answer the following questions through the combined use of narration, images, and video footage:

1. What are you currently working on?
2. How do you describe your design DNA?
3. What makes your design process unique?

Manifesto (max. 1000 words)
Explain to us why you are a fit for the SRFI, what your short- and long-term goals are, and how you see yourself making an impact on the fashion industry. Do not hold back on explaining your ultimate dreams.

Showcase your best work in 15-25 pages maximum.

Application Deadline

Applications for the SRFI close Wednesday, May 22, 2024.


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The Selection Committee

The Selection Committee offers their unique perspective on the business of fashion, fashion design, and design education. Their role is to shine a light on the applicants potential and fit to become a Fellow.

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Director, Robert Ott with Selection Committee holding a garment.

Interested in learning more? 

Contact the Institute at for questions on becoming a Fellow.