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HTM Work Experience (HTM Hours)

To graduate from the Hospitality & Tourism Management program, students must complete 'HTM Hours' - 1,000 hours of documented work experience (paid or un-paid) in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. HTM Hours must be completed by the fall or winter of the student's last year in the program.

 Please note: Students in the optional Co-op program DO NOT have to submit HTM Hours

The objective of HTM Hours is to ensure that a student’s education has the essential balance between theory and practice. Upon completion, students should be able to:

  • Learn more about their career interests and gain valuable experience in the various parts of the hospitality and tourism industry
  • Recognize, develop, and practice the sills required to succeed in their future careers
  • Put their classroom theory to use in the real world and gain further insights into their academic assignments
  • Compare and contrast (and make intelligent career choices) in different types of companies, cultures, and work environments.

For students who entered the program in Fall 2016 or earlier, HTM Hours are required to pass HTH 901.

For students who entered in Fall 2017 or later, HTM Hours are required to pass HTH 895.  Co-Op students do not require to enroll in HTH895.


Students admitted into the program in FALL 2023 will be the LAST group required to complete HTM Hours.

Program Details

  • Students must complete their HTM Hours during their studies at the Ted Rogers School. HTM Hours can be achieved during the normal school year or in spring/summer between semesters. It is highly recommended that the majority of these hours be earned when school in not in session (May-August). 
  • Hours completed before entering the program, or during any short term withdrawl from the program will NOT be accepted.  
  • Hours completed in the following industry sectors will be eligible: Accommodations, events, clubs, entertainment, food and beverage, and tourism. International experience will also be eligble for consideration - documentation must be in English. 
  • For employment outside of industry, students must seek approval through an email appeal prior to collecting/submitting hours. Emails appeals must be sent to and must include: Name of the employer, job description, and a detailed description of how this work position is relevant to HTM, and how it will help you suceed in the indsutry.  A copy of the approval email must be included when submitting hours.
  • While students are encouraged to obtain paid work experiences, volunteer work and internships in the industry will be considered for HTM Hours.
  • Extra-curricular activity such as student council, student groups, student clubs, etc. is encouraged, but are not eligible for HTM Hours.

Transfer students

All transfer students must also complete HTM Hours. Recognizing that transfer students will graduate faster than four years, the number of HTM Hours required will be adjusted according to the number of transfer credits granted to the student. Pelase refer to table for requried hours. 

Students that qualify for a reduction in HTM hours must download a copy of your Transfer Credit Report from MyServiceHub and upload it to the HTM Hours D2L portal. The report will be assessed and the number of reduced hours will be inputed into the student's gradebook. 

Transfer Credits  HTM Hours Required
1-5 1000 hours
6-10 750 hours
11-15 625 hours
16-20 500 hours

HTM Hours submission process

  1.  Complete the  (PDF file) HTM Work Experience Form and have it signed by your supervisor/manager. Their business card stapled to the form can be accepted in lieu of a signature. 
  2. Submit the completed form through the D2L course shell called HTM Hours for passing grade in HTH 901 or HTH 895 (based on your year of admission). 
  3. After submission, your hours will be processed. Your approved hours will appear in the 'grades' page of your D2L course shell. Hours will be processed at the end of each term. 

Students can submit their HTM Hours any time during the academic year, the deadline is set for August 31st, but we recommend submitting them at the end of each semester you worked so you don't wait until the last minute, and lose any documentation relevant to your work that term.

HTM Hours will be reviewed and approved on an ongoing basis during each semester giving priority to those students enrolled in HTH895 that are expected to graduate that year.

Do not wait until your last fall semester to submit your hours. Submit as you go!

Submission tips:

  • PDF files are preferred.
  • If there are multiple documents in your submission, please specify in the D2L submission.
  • Submit one letter for each work experience claimed.

For all questions regarding HTM Hours, please email


TRSM Co-op Program

The Ted Rogers School offers a co-op program which provides students with 16 months of work experience integrated into the HTM program. Ted Rogers Co-op is designed to provide students with work experiences that complement their academic studies; to connect their knowledge and skills to the world around them. 

Co-op eligibility

Interested HTM students must apply for admission into the co-op option after their second semester in the program. Admission into Ted Rogers co-op is based on the following:

  1. CGPA of 2.80 or higher; subject to competition (grades above 2.8 may be required)
  2. Evidence of superior oral and written communication skills with the submission of an essay outlining their achievements and how they would benefit from the Co-op program
  3. Interview with the Faculty Advisor

Co-op term sequencing

(F): Fall | (W): Winter | (S): Summer
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Study Term 1 (F)
Study Term 2 (W)
Study Term 3 (F)
Study Term 4 (W)
Work Term 1 (S)
Work Term 2 (F) 
Study Term 5 (W)
Study Term 6 (F)
Work Term 3 (W)
Work Term 4 (S)
Study Term 7 (F) 
Study Term 8 (W)

Advanced entry into Ted Rogers Co-op

Students who apply to the Ted Rogers School of Management can now receive advanced entry into the Ted Rogers Co-op program.

What does this mean?

  • Your eligibility for advanced entry is based on your high school average.
  • Advanced entry gives you the opportunity to participate in the Co-op Prep Program in your 1st year,  including access to Bootcamp offerings.

Not receiving advanced entry does not disqualify you from apply for co-op after your second semester of studies in the program. You have all of first year to improve your CGPA!

Ted Rogers Co-op

For further questions, please contact: 

Ted Rogers Co-op