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Ted Rogers School Orientation (Commerce Frosh)

Academic Orientation is designed for incoming students to meet other peers in their program, find out about faculty-specific resources and get to know their professors. Register for your faculty-specific orientation from August 28-29 (in-person) to gain information about how to access on-campus supports and resources so you can know how to find what you need once classes start.

TMU Orientation Week 

Toronto Metropolitan University's Orientation Week takes place the week before classes begin and gives incoming students the chance to connect with other new students, get familiar with their academic program, and get to know their way around campus. Our Orientation Week is designed to meet the needs of all new students.

Every year we offer new events and programs, but every Orientation Week at TMU features:

  • Academic program and faculty-specific orientations so incoming students can meet other peers in their program, find out about faculty-specific resources and get to know their professors.
  • Information about how to access on-campus supports and resources so new students know how to find what they need after classes start.
  • Tons of social activities, engaging performances, concerts, and giveaways!

For more information, visit Orientation Week at Toronto Metropolitan University (opens in new window) .


Orientation Week at Toronto Met

August 27 - September 4, 2023

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Commerce Frosh is commonly confused with Orientation Week. Orientation Week is a separate event from Commerce Frosh.

Commerce Frosh is hosted by the Ted Rogers Students' Society (external link, opens in new window)  (TRSS) and is directed towards the first year incoming students into the Ted Rogers School of Management. 

Come meet fellow incoming first year students and expand your network by meeting upper year students that will be your Frosh leaders. Frosh is an unforgettable and memorable experience for students.

From August 29 - September 1, 2023 - Get excited for a week of fun filled activities, games and lots of opportunities to meet fellow incoming first year students. 

Follow @trssociety (external link)  on Instagram to get the latest updates and be the first to know when the Frosh schedule launches.

These events will expand your comfort zone by trying new things and meeting new people that will be spending your university career with!

Previous stated, there has been a lot of work put into carefully planning the events that take place during the four days. The Leaders and Organizers are also members of TRSM and have been where you are now! Think of them as your mentors to help you adjust to the new environment. They will be able to answer questions you have about TRSM as many of them are already involved in different student groups/organizations on campus.

Commerce Frosh is a great start to get involved with your new school community.

crowd of students in the streets celebrating Commerce Frosh
Ted Rogers Student Society logo

Tickets are usually sold online through the Ted Rogers Student Society Page.

Transition Support

During the first few weeks, Student Life and Learning Support offers an array of events and programs designed to support the transition into post-secondary. Find the list of events Student Life & Campus Engagement.

Fit for Business

Fit for Business will start your time at the Ted Rogers School of Management on the right foot, and keep you on the right track in all aspects of academic study and student life. It creates a community of students and provides you with the skills required to achieve success.

This unique initiative is a suite of resources focused on your well-being, academic success and career readiness. It integrates experiential learning and engagement activities that provide technical skills, soft skills and life skills for you to succeed in the program, in your academic journey and in your career.