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Co-Founders: Jamie Lee, Judson Asiruwa, Jane Illarionova

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Empowering people to make sustainable food choices to reduce household food waste.

Every year in Canada, 2.2 million tonnes of avoidable food waste is created, contributing 9.8 million tonnes of CO2 emissions through its production and decomposition. The wasted resources used to produce the food are a monumental environmental concern, but equally a social dilemma, when considering that the food that went to waste could have been better allocated to those that need it most. The gravity of the situation is highlighted in that 47% of food waste comes from the household level, emphasizing the significance of individuals’ decisions in causing the problem and inspiring the potential for change.

Frustrated by this problem, we simply thought about what would help us to reduce our personal food waste. As we conducted more research and talked to others struggling with the same problem, we were able to narrow down to the functionality required to empower people to make more sustainable food preparation decisions.

We are tackling household food waste by providing people with the tools and incentives necessary to reduce their waste. Swate is a fully-integrated food management platform that helps you to reduce your waste by tracking grocery inventory and providing recipe recommendations based on optimal food utilization, nudging users to making more sustainable decisions, and gamifying the waste-less lifestyle. By helping you better organize your food, swate gives you the power to make more conscious food choices.

By reducing household food waste, we can reduce carbon emissions from the production process. If you waste food at home, use swate to help you turn your waste around, reduce carbon emissions and save money from avoidable food waste.

Swate: Turning waste around