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"The SVZ gave us the long runway we needed to launch a social venture in our industry. Nothing happens overnight, certainly in large infrastructure, so we are grateful to have been able to stay as long as we did to build up our scale. We are proud to say that through our time at the SVZ, we were able to build the largest production facility in Nunavut, and secure 3+ years of funding to roll out our business."

Ben Canning, Co-founder

Co-founders: Stefany Nieto and Benjamin Canning

Website: (external link) 

Nearly 70% of Inuit homes in Nunavut are food insecure. This food insecurity rate is 8x lower that the Canadian average. The cost of nutritious food, most of it shipped inefficiently and expensively by air to the Arctic Circle, is too high. Green Iglu is a non-profit organization that is fighting food insecurity in the Arctic by using Growing Dome greenhouse technology to grow fresh produce in Northern communities all year-round. This Geodesic Growing Dome can withstand extreme cold and high wind speeds and is completely recyclable. Green Iglu hopes to incubate further social entrepreneurship in these communities as all profits generated will be distributed back to the community through jobs running the Growing Dome, micro-loans and educational bursaries.

8 jobs created 

3 Growing Domes built 

9,546 servings of food grown