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"At the SVZ, we always had someone to speak to when we needed help, and we always got exactly what we needed! The SVZ team really set us up for success by immersing us in a strong network of like-minded entrepreneurs we could always turn to for support."

Ben Walters, Co-founder

Co-founders: Ben Walters, Josh Walters

Website: (external link, opens in new window) 

Feedback is a mobile app that brings dynamic pricing to the restaurant space by lowering prices throughout the day to help restaurants reduce waste. To order, the customer simply opens the Feedback app and searches through a list of restaurants offering time and quantity specific promotions up to 70% off. They then order through the app, and pick up their food during the specified window. The restaurant realizes incremental revenue and offset fixed costs, and the customer saves money on great food that would otherwise end up in landfills - averting a huge amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

$570K in funding raised

38,214 lbs of food waste diverted 

$1M in sales