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Policy 103: Mission and Aims of Toronto Metropolitan University

Policy Information Details
Policy Number:
Original Approval Date:  June 13, 1994 (ratified October 4, 1994) (also ratified by The Board of Governors)
Policy Amendment Date:  May 7, 2019
Policy Review Date: Reformatted July 31, 2020
Responsible Committee or Office: President

Toronto Metropolitan University Mission

The mission of Toronto Metropolitan University is:

  1. The advancement of learning, and the intellectual, social, moral, cultural, spiritual, and physical development of the University’s students and employees, and the betterment of society; and
  2. The advancement of applied knowledge and SRC research in response to existing and emerging societal needs and in support of the cultural, economic, social, and technological development of Ontario; and
  3. The provision of programs of study that provide a balance between theory and application and that prepare students for careers in professional fields.

As a leading centre for applied education, Toronto Metropolitan is recognized for the excellence of its teaching, the relevance of its curriculum, the success of its students in achieving their academic and career objectives, the quality of its scholarship, research and creative activity, and its commitment to accessibility, lifelong learning, and involvement in the broader community.

Aims of the University

In carrying out its mission, Toronto Metropolitan University will be guided by the following institutional aims:

To provide its students an educational experience of high quality, fostering in them professional knowledge and skills, critical enquiry, ethical standards, creativity, commitment to lifelong learning, a capacity to make an early and sustained contribution to their chosen field and to be effective problem solvers. It will reflect:

  • excellence and commitment to teaching that encourages students to play an active part in their learning;
  • a curriculum of professional and liberal studies which offers the breadth and depth required to appreciate society's broader issues and problems, and the understanding and knowledge necessary for professional leadership;
  • academic programs which combine theory and practice, directly connected to their professional fields, that anticipate and respond to emerging trends and future societal need;
  • interdisciplinary studies and international perspectives;
  • activities and support systems that enhance success and well-being of the whole student.

To promote scholarly, research and creative activities which reinforce the teaching and learning experience, which attract external support, and will be of benefit to society.

To provide career-oriented continuing education and life-long learning opportunities that are accessible, responsive, and comprehensive.

To facilitate the creation of professional partnerships and the transfer of knowledge and technology between the workplace and the university.

To ensure that all employees at Toronto Metropolitan University will be respected for their unique contributions to the university's mission, will treat one another with trust and dignity; and will join in fostering a fair and equitable environment where creativity, teamwork, genuine participation and the capacity to reach one's potential are both valued and actively encouraged.

To dedicate itself to respect for human rights and dignity and to a caring, safe and humane environment which is accessible, diverse, equitable and free from discrimination and harassment.

To combine accountability, openness, academic freedom, professional responsibility, and integrity in its processes of decision-making and governance.

To ensure that its educational and public responsibilities reflect the changing needs of the local, regional, national and international communities it seeks to serve.