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Toronto Metropolitan University has a contract with Turnitin Feedback Studio. It is an evaluative and feedback tool. One of the many ways it can be used is to ensure the originality in student papers. It can assist Faculty/Instructors in determining the similarity between your work and work of other students who have submitted papers to the site, internet sources, and a wide range of journals and other publications. No decisions are made by the service; it simply generates an "originality report," and faculty must evaluate that report to determine if work is plagiarized.

If is used in a course, students who do not want their work submitted to this service must, by the end of the second week of class, consult with the instructor to make alternate arrangements. This should be clearly indicated in your Course Outline.

Students who choose not to have their papers screened for textual similarity review by may be required to submit additional work with their research essay. For example:

  • an annotated bibliography of each source used in your paper; and/or
  • the first few pages of each cited source used in your paper

Preparing Students for Success

Turnitin Student Quickstart Guide, external link (external link) :
Helps students understand and navigate the Turnitin website

Contact your instructor if you have any questions related to these requirements.