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Missed Tests/Examinations/Final Assessments

Students are required to inform their instructors of any situation which arises during the semester which may have an adverse effect upon their academic performance, and must request any consideration and accommodation according to the relevant policies as far in advance as possible.  Failure to do so may jeopardize any academic appeals.

  • Extenuating circumstances that are of a short-term duration (normally no more than 3 days; see Policy 167: Academic Consideration, Section 5.2),– If a student misses the deadline for submitting an assignment, or the date of an exam or other evaluation component for extenuating circumstances, including health reasons, they should notify their instructor as soon as possible, and submit completed supporting documentation (e.g. TMU Student Health Certificate in the case of Health reasons) to the ACR online portal within 3 working days of the missed date.  Health forms are available here (external link) 
  • NOTE: to receive academic consideration for missing a final exam and/or a final assessment, supporting documentation must be submitted to the online portal with the request. 
  • Religious, Aboriginal and Spiritual observance – If a student needs accommodation because of religious, Aboriginal or spiritual observance, they must upload a complete Request for Accommodation of Student Religious, Aboriginal and Spiritual Observance form within the first 2 weeks of the class or, for a final examination, within 2 weeks of the posting of the examination schedule, to the ACR online portal.  If the requested absence occurs within the first 2 weeks of classes, or the dates are not known well in advance as they are linked to other conditions, this form should be submitted with as much lead time as possible in advance of the absence.  Relevant documents for upload  (PDF file) can be found here .
  • All Toronto Metropolitan University students requesting academic consideration for missed academic work must contact their instructor/program department or school to determine requirements, if any, for makeup course work.  ACR requests for all students must be submitted to the ACR online portal, preferably in advance of missing the work, along with supporting documentation.
  • Academic Accommodation Support – Before the first graded work is due, students registered with the Academic Accommodation Support office (AAS) should provide their instructors with an Academic Accommodation letter that describes their academic accommodation plan

Students who enrol in a class after there has been an assessment must be given the opportunity to make up that assessment.

Students who miss an assessment or equivalent (e.g. studio or presentation) or final exam with appropriate notification and the required documentation, may have a make-up scheduled. (See Procedures Section 4 within the policy for when a make-up need not be scheduled). 

The make-up must take place as soon as it can be scheduled, preferably in the same semester, and where possible, before the last date to drop a course. 

Where possible, the make-up shall occur prior to the submission of the final course grade. 

Students who miss a final exam with appropriate notification and the required documentation and who cannot be given a make-up exam prior to the submission of final course grades, must petition their instructor to receive an INC grade (as outlined in Policy 170(a): Undergraduate Grading, Promotion, and Academic Standing, Policy 170(b): Graduate Status, Enrolment, and Evaluation and Policy 170(c) Lincoln Alexander School of Law Grading, Promotion and Academic Standing policy). A make-up exam will be scheduled (normally within 2 weeks after the conclusion of that semester). Note: If the course in which the student requests an INC is a prerequisite for a course being taken in the following term, the INC should be resolved as soon as possible within the first 2 weeks of the subsequent term. Students are allowed to stay in classes until the INC is resolved. If the INC results in an F grade, the department should drop the student from the course for which the prerequisite has not been achieved and fees refunded. 

Make-ups must cover the same material as the original assessment but need not be of an identical format. Make-ups must be the same level of difficulty as the original.    

Where a missed test, assignment, or other assessment is one of only two assessments in a course (e.g. there is one test and a final exam), or when the assessment is worth more than 30% of the final course grade, the provision of a make-up is required. 

The consequences for a student missing a scheduled make-up assessment are provided in Procedures Section 5 within the policy.