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Course Management – Policy 166

Course Management – Policy 166

The central purpose of the course management policy is to provide a framework of common understanding for students and faculty concerning the structures, processes, objectives, and requirements pertaining to the delivery of undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education (CE) courses at Ryerson University (the “University”).

Values and Principles:

The values stipulated in the University’s PDF fileSenate Policy Framework are applicable and fundamental to this policy.

This policy recognizes the importance of diversity of learning and teaching styles and mode of course delivery, and in graduate courses advanced education, research, and scholarship, while

defining the types of information that both students and faculty need in order to optimize the learning value of any given course.

making clear to students and faculty the principles and procedures that have been adopted by the University that bear upon the operation of academic courses.

Students earn grades that reflect their ability to demonstrate their knowledge of the course material through the means of evaluation.

Where possible, assessments should be structured such that students’ knowledge can be demonstrated incrementally.

Timely and constructive feedback in response to student work is an essential element in the learning process.